Psalm 127:1-5

Baptism and the Covenant


Last Lord’s Day dealt with the means of grace and the Covenant. We mentioned that there are only two means of grace given to the church by the Lord of the church:

  1. The Proclamation of the word of God, demonstrating the gospel from Genesis to Revelation.

  2. The Sacraments, Baptism and the Lord Supper which are signs and seals of the Covenant of grace. Our aim here is to focus specifically on the Sacraments one at a time. Note. (Westminster Confession chapter 27 Sec. 1)

  1. Two Opposing Views

  1. The Pentateuch – Lev. 12:3; Acts 7:8; Phil. 3:5

  1. Paedo-baptists – Titus 3:5

  2. Credo-baptists – (WCF)

  1. The Children’s Place in the Covenant:

  1. Parting company – (Sproul and Keddie)

  2. Psalm 127:3:

  1. “a gift of the Lord” Not common grace

  2. “the fruit of the womb is a reward” (Acts 2:29)

  1. God establishing His covenant – Gen. 9:9; 17:7

  1. God has not changed His mind – Turn To: Gal. 3:7-9,15-18

  2. Same covenant more inclusive sign – Col. 2:11-12

  1. Household Baptisms – Acts 16:15,33

  1. Explicit statement – I Cor. 7:14

  2. “Holy”hagiazo – “separated”, “set apart” our word saint and sanctification comes from this word.

  1. Old and New Testament Branches

  1. Pruned and grafted

  1. Biblical analogy – Israel and covenant children

  2. New branches – non covenantal stock who are converts of the world- Turn To:

Romans 11:17-21 (Psa. 80:8-16; Isa. 5:1-7; John 15:1-12)


  1. Covenant children are the Lord’s children. They are set apart by Him. Eph. 6:4

  2. Covenant children must improve their baptism by this I mean they must prove the reality of the covenantal promise expressing true genuine faith in Christ. (Gordon Keddie)

  3. Baptism whether applied to children or adults is not a lone entity. When a person is baptized within the church he or she at the same time becomes a member of the church.

Pastor Nick Iamaio

Reformed Presbyterian Church

207 South First Street, Fulton, NY 13069