Ezekiel 37:24-28

The Means of Grace and the Covenant


God has employed two ways to bless the church and reach the world with the gospel. It is the proclamation of the Word of God and the symbol flag of the church, the Sacraments. (Baptism and the Lord Supper) As long as the church carries out these two functions, Word and Sacrament she is deserving of the word Faithful. Rev. 2:10

  1. The Preaching of the Word in God’s House

  1. God’s Sanctuary

  1. Where He meets with His people – Ezek. 37:26,27

  2. The new heavens and new earth – Rev. 21:1-8

  1. The Samaritan Woman – John 4:20-24

  1. Her false way of worship and Jesus corrects her

  2. Old Testament form of worship versus the New Testament

  3. Reading and Preaching the Word of God – Neh.8:5-8

  4. Jesus in the Synagogue – Luke 4:16-22

  1. The Covenant and its Hearers

  1. The Visible Church

  1. Profession of faith

  2. Communicant members (Our children)

  1. Two kinds of Hearers;

  1. Covenant breakers – John 3:18

  2. Covenant keepers – Eph. 2:8

  3. Jesus the only original covenant keeper – Matt. 26:27,28

  4. Jesus preaching to the choir – Luke 24:26,27

  1. The Covenant and the World

  1. Outside the covenant community

  2. Fulfilling the Lord’s commission – Matt. 28:18-20

  1. The light of the world – Matt. 5:14

  2. When the church becomes dull – Rev. 2:5,9

  1. The burning bush on Mt Horeb a symbol of God’s presence – Exo. 3:2; Acts 7:30

  1. Captivated by fire – Matt. 12:26

  2. Captivated by Truth – I Tim. 3:15


When the wider community comes into the Covenant community they enter in the means of grace which is the Word and Sacrament. We must not perform the sacraments with ritual or coerce and intimidate our children to make a profession of faith. Our true motivation must be to obey Jesus, the King and head of the church. (Gordon Keddie’s comment)

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