Hebrews 9:15-18

God’s Covenant


God’s Covenant is foundational to the teaching of the Bible. The covenant that God makes with His people is communicated through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ who is the mediator of the Covenant. Christians should get excited about God’s Covenant because it is not only permeated throughout Scripture but also it is expressed in our very nature. Our whole lives are filled with making covenant agreements and promises. We are covenant with friends, neighbors, teachers, employees, civil authorities and the like. Married couples have solemnly covenanted together for life. Nations make treaties and Societies make rules. Every credit card is an agreement that you covenant to pay back what you have been loaned. Even hermits, however self-sufficient they may be have covenanted with themselves self-discipline in order to be sustained. The poet Robert Frost put it, we have, “lots of promises to keep” and the expositor William Hendriksen is correct when he says, “Man is a covenant being.” There is no escape that Covenants are a fact of life.

  1. The Words of the Covenant

  1. Old and New Testament

  1. Bereeth (Heb)

  2. Diatheke (Gk), mirrors the OT word for covenant

  1. A unilateral Covenant

  1. No negotiations – Gen. 1:3

  2. Covenant made with Noah – Gen. 9:11

  1. Bilateral Covenant

  1. Requires the cooperation and obedience of man – Turn to: Leviticus 26:1-20

  2. God and Abraham agreement – Gen. 17:9,11,

D. Other Covenant

1. Mutual Covenants: covenant between men – Josh. 9:6; I Sam. 18:3

2. Public Covenants: Israel’s covenant with God – Ezra 10:

3. Private Covenant – Job 31:1; Matt. 12:36

II. The Continuity of the Covenant

  1. No breaks but continuous flow from the OT to the NT

  1. Abiding fulfillment – Gal. 3:15-18

  2. Last will and testament – Heb. 9:16-18; 9:14

  1. The Way God Deals with us in Covenant

  1. Creator – Creature relationship

  1. God has revealed Himself in creation – Rom. 1:19,20

  1. Divine Initiative

  1. God bridging the gap

  2. The Covenant of Redemption – Eph. 1:4

  1. Personal

  1. In communion with God – Lev. 26:12

  2. The eternal tabernacle – Rev. 21:3

  3. Covenant within John the apostle’s soul – Rev. 4:11

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