Colossians 3:10-14

Understanding the New Man


I thought of entitling this sermon, “The New Man in Town,” which was written by an old country singer by the name of George Jones. The lyrics go like this:

I‘d like to introduce myself-Though you’ve seen me ‘round- Well, I’m a new man in town

You won’t recognize my smile- It’s upside down- Well I’m a new man in town

I’m a helpless self-I’m right to left-bottom up to down- Well, I’m a new man in town…

This of course is not the kind of man the apostle Paul is talking about here in Colossians. This man is new because he has been born from above. He has been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. He is destined for heaven, a new man in heaven.

  1. The Nature of the New Man – v. 10

  1. Old Man

  1. In Adam or in Christ – I Cor. 15:22; Turn To: I Cor.15: 45-49

  2. Has been crucified with Christ – Rom. 6:6 (Lenski)

  3. New Creation – II Cor. 5:17

  1. Why then do Christians still sin?

  1. Because the new man lives in the old body of flesh. – Rom. 8:23

  2. The old man is dead but the flesh is in bondage to sin – Romans 7:13-25

  1. Progress of the New Man

  1. The new man is not instantly spiritual matured – I Pet. 2:2; Heb. 5:13,14

  2. The new man gains progress in knowledge – v.10 (high knowledge, epignosis)

  3. The new man is being renewed in order to do God’s will – Rom. 12:2; Eph. 12:2

  4. Created by Jesus – Col. 1:16; Rom. 8:29; I John 3:2

  1. The Characteristics of the New Man – v. 11-14

  1. Godly

  1. No favorites – v. 11

  2. His salvation has been predestined – v.12; II Thess. 2:13; II Tim. 1:9

  3. Puts on qualities of a regenerate heart –v.12

  1. Paul’s list of qualities:

  1. Heartfelt compassion – Jam. 5:11

  2. Kindness is closely related to compassion

  3. Humility is the antidote to self –love – I Pet. 5:5

  4. Gentleness is closely related to humility – Gal. 5:22

  5. Patience is a person who does not get angry with others over little things (“flying off the handle” Thomas Hailburton – 1843)

  6. Bearing with on another – I Cor. 6:5-8

  7. Finally: “love” is the belt that holds up the pants and the glue that binds the two pieces of lumber together – Rom. 13:10; I Cor. 13:1-3

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