Colossians 2:13-15

Sin Nailed to the Cross


One of my favorite programs on TV is Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs enter the tank of billionaires and millionaires who seek to help out a business whose sales of their new product are worth investing in. Some business owners are really clever with their confidence that sales will continue to grow with the Sharks investment in them. The Sharks ask important questions: What are your sales? What are your profits? Do you have a pattern? Is this a hobby or a business? If you can demonstrate satisfactory answers to these questions, they will be glad to invest in your business, but so often they turn people away for fear of losing their investment. They say, “I’m out!”

What would God invest in our lives? God expects perfection, no slip ups, no breaking of His laws. If you can keep God’s Law perfectly you will have eternal life as Jesus said to the Rich young Ruler. But God knows better than to invest in us because we are totally bankrupt. We have a mountain of bankruptcy! Our sin is the greatest debt we owe. A debt we could never pay.

But God loved us even when were His enemies, breaking every law in the book. The only hope and way out of our sinful debt was for a perfect payment that would wipe the slate clean. That is the vicarious death of Christ.

  1. Complete Forgiveness – v.13

  1. The reality of our state – “dead in your trespasses”

  1. Adam and us – I Cor. 15:22

  2. Circumcision of heart – Rom. 2:29

  1. Good News:

  1. Made alive in Christ

  2. Real forgiveness – Psalm 32:1,2; Col. 1:14; 2:13; 3:13

  3. Background of forgiveness – Philemon’s house church – Turn To: 1:4-20

  1. Characteristics of Forgiveness:

  1. Gracious behavior – Matthew 18:1-4

  2. Bountifully blessed – Rom. 5:20; Psa. 103:12; Isa. 1:18

  3. Motivating behavior – Eph. 4:32

  1. How is Forgiveness received?

  1. There must be genuine sorrow for sin – II Cor. 7:10; Heb. 12:15-17

  2. There must be a complete reliance upon Jesus who has forgiven us – Mark 2:9

  1. Complete Solvency – v.14-15

  1. Focus away from themselves (not the subjective)

  2. Focus upon Christ’s cross (the objective)

  1. The crime sheet literally nailed to the cross

  2. The debt of our sin entirely deleted and canceled out – Rom. 3:26

  1. How were we made alive on the cross?

  1. The victory cry on the cross – “It is finished” – Rom. 5;9

  2. The disarming of our enemies assaults – v. 15

  3. The defeat of the last enemy, death – Heb. 2:14


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