Colossians 2:1-7

How Much Do You Love the Church?


The title of our sermon is put in the form of a question in order that we might examine our own hearts. I suspect that everyone here must love the church to some degree. We might ask, are we to love the church more than we love Christ? To say that we love Christ more than the church is an answer not well thought out. Because the way the Scripture puts it is that we cannot separate theologically in our minds Christ from His church. If we love Christ we love the Church and if we love the Church we love Christ. (We are not talking about a mere organization of a particular denomination or a mere human institution) We are talking about a living organism whose founder and life exist in the person of Christ. To say we love Christ more that the Church is to say we love the head more than His body. Christ loves, dies and builds His church. The church is connected to Christ as the grapevine is connected to the branches. Romans 12:4-5

  1. The Church Knit Together – v.1-4

  1. Paul’s love for the church – Eph. 5:25; John 15:13; II Tim. 2:10

  2. How we should judge our pastors John 21:15-17; Ezekiel 34:10

  1. Paul’s desire is that we might be knit together in love – Prov. 31:12,13; 31:19-22

  2. Paul’s metaphor of the human body – Col. 2:19; Eph. 4:16

  3. Francis Schaeffer – “The final apologetic” John 13; Col. 3;13,14

  1. Blessed Assurance – v.2b.

  1. Westminster Confession – Assurance

  2. What can be done for those who lack assurance?

  1. Be diligent to make certain of your calling and election – II Pet. 1:10

  2. Increase in your knowledge of Christ – Turn To: II Pet. 1:5-10; II Tim. 3:16

  1. The Sufficiency of Christ – v.3

  1. The Church’s Stability – v.5-7

  1. Genuine faith in Christ

  1. Absent but present in spirit – II Tim. 2:9

  2. Military words: “discipline and stability” Gk. stereoma (stability) our English steroid, increase of firmness and strength,

  1. Walking In Christ

  1. Having the right Christology v.9

  2. “Walk” on of Paul’s favorite words – focuses on steadiness and consistent living – I John 2:6

  1. Rooted in Christ – (perfect tense) like and oak tree. Eph. 4:13

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