Colossians 1:1-7

Where is Our Confidence!


Who founded the church of Colossae?

Some think Paul but others think that Paul did not even set foot there. There is some evidence that seems to favor this view Acts 19:1; Col. 2:1. Paul did travel to Pisidia which is near Colossae. Some think Epaphras may have been the founder of the church but there is no real evidence that that is so. (Col. 1:7; Phile. 1:23)

Who were Paul’s friends?

There appears to be many of them listed in chapter 4, Philemon a pastor of a church that met in his home. Apphia, Archippus, Onesimus to name some. One of his close friends was Epaphras who was a most likely a convert of Paul’s ministry.

Date and Place?

Paul wrote the epistle in prison most likely in Rome but others suggest Ephesus early in AD 60. Paul wrote 4 prison epistles: Ephesians, Colossians, which are called twin epistles and Philemon and Philippians.

What was the major concern in writing this epistle?

There was false doctrine creeping in the church known as the Colossian heresy.

  1. False philosophy – Col. 2:8 (deceptive teachings of men)

  2. Judaistic Ceremonialism – 2:11,16,17; 3:11 (stringent prohibitions)

  3. Angel worship - 2:18 (veneration of angelic beings)

  4. Asceticism – 2:23 (mistreatment of the body)

  5. Gnosticism – 2:20,21 ( a mystic insight, exalting the spirit and viewed the body and the material universe as evil)

  1. Paul’s Greeting – v.1-2

  1. Paul’s authority – v.1

  1. Paul’s confidence in his co-laborer, Timothy – v.1

  2. Paul addresses these believers as saints v.2

  3. Paul addresses these believers as in union with Christ – v.2,4,28; “In Him” 1:16,17,19; 2:7,9,10,15

  1. Paul’s Confidence in Them –v.3-5

  1. Paul’s tactfulness

  1. He is thankful for their faith in Christ v.4

  2. He prays often for them

  1. The gospel rest in hope – v.5

  1. A certain expectation

  2. A triad of Christian graces – Faith, Hope and Love

  3. A triad of the Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – v.1-4, 8

  1. Heaven is in store for them: v.5

  1. They have reserved seats

  2. Heaven should be included in our gospel presentation – Turn To: John 14:1-3

  3. The cause of our salvation – I Pet. 1:3,4

  1. Paul’s Confidence in the Lord –v. 6

  1. Christian Fruit

  1. We are all like gardeners – Matt. 13:3-8

  2. Confidence in the seed which is the Word of God

  3. Confidence in the power of the gospel – Rom. 1:16

  1. A ministry without jealousy

  1. Epaphras was not in it for himself any more than Paul was v.8

  2. On the other hand preachers who distort the gospel or preach another gospel do great harm to themselves and the Christian ministry – Gal.1:6-9 (ETC Evangelicals and Catholics Together)

  3. Justification by faith alone – Rom. 4:25-5:1; Eph. 2:8,9


  1. Although salvation is by grace alone. God has chosen to us for to be channels of grace – v.6; I Cor. 1:29

  2. The world will not know without a preacher and witness of the gospel – Rom. 10:14; Acts 1:8

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