Genesis 50:1-26

Affectionate Farewell


A Presbyterian student went off to college and made himself obnoxious when he joined a fraternity. He began boasting about how Presbyterians are so much more superior to other denominations. They have the best theology, the best church government etc. Well his Baptist friends did not take that very well; so they devised a plan that would put him in his place. They slipped some sleeping powder into his drink and quickly fell asleep, so they loaded him into a car, and took him to a remote cemetery and brought a casket they made and put him into it, placing it by some grave stones. Well, his Baptist friends waited patiently that night for him to wake up. Night passed, dawn came, the rays of the sun began to pierce through the graveyard and all of a sudden they saw an arm open the casket. (His Baptist’s friends waited for the scream of their life!) He woke up and instead of screaming, he said, ‘Hallelujah! It’s the resurrection morning, and the Presbyterians are the first ones up!”

Inevitably a person’s theological convictions bear fruit in the way he looks at death.

  1. Joseph’s Love For His Father – v.1-14

  1. Our culture’s way of understanding death.

  1. “Christian Science” Rom. 8:23; John 10:25

  2. Gnosticism – “death is the soul’s friend” I Thess. 4:13-18

  1. Funeral of Charles Spurgeon conducted by Pastor Archibald G. Brown

  2. Joseph’s servants embalm Jacob – Eccl. 3;4; 7:2; II Cor. 5:8

  1. Burial of a loved one is honoring but it should never take the place of honoring Christ. Matt. 8:19-22; Luke 15:24; Eph. 2:1

  2. Expensive funeral – Mark 14:3-9

  1. Joseph’s Brothers Suspicious Of His Favor – v. 15-26

  1. Doubting the forgiveness of Joseph

  1. Their fears were unfounded because Joseph confirms his compassion - v.17

  2. Joseph is a man, not God v.19

  3. God’s counsel forever stands in spite of man’s crooked schemes – v, 20;

Acts 2:23.24

  1. Banish all your fears:

  1. Unbelievers beware of the devastation of dying in your sin – John 8;21,24

  2. Christians quit carrying your guilt and anxieties – I Pet. 5:7

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