Genesis 49:1-33

Dying Words


When we read obituary columns in the newspaper we often read a brief biographical sketch of the deceased’s life. It doesn’t always do justice to the person’s life but at least it’s an attempt to let the people in the community know that John Smith died.

The movie, “Get Low” starring Robert Duvall who plays a hermit in the woods decides to speak with the funeral director about planning his funeral. He said, “I want a funeral party” The funeral director said, “sure, we can do that” but Duvall wanted this funeral now, while he was alive. He said, “I want to hear what people say about me.” He paid cash for all the expenses. It’s about time for me to “Get Low”!

Here Jacob knew his death was imminent and it was customary for family members especially sons to hear their father’s last will and testament. Jacob specifically states, through prophetic gifts, what would become of his sons and their descendants. No one knows the future unless God reveals the future which was surely given to Jacob.

  1. Jacob’s Prophetic Gifts

  1. How to die

  1. Jacob’s words are filled with reproofs, counsel and comforts.

  2. Jacob stresses the need to be together to incorporate them and not to forsake the assembly of them together. Note. V.1,2, and v.3 ( Heb. 10:24,25)

  3. There is enormous respect and honor for their father. Prov. 4:1

  1. How children treat their parents – II Tim. 3:2-4

  1. Jacob’s Sons Future:

  1. Reuben – v. 3-4; Gen. 35:22

  2. Simeon and Levi – Gen. 30:34

  3. Judah – v. 8-12

  1. The tribe of Judah will be victorious and successful in war – v. 8; Psa. 18:40-42

  2. Judah would be superior to the rest of the tribes – Psa. 60:7

  3. Judah is strong and courageous described as a “lion’s whelp” v. 9, 10

  4. Judah is a royal tribe where the Messiah the Prince will come – v. 10 ‘Shiloh” means “peace” I Sam. 21:11; Luke 2:4; John 19:15 ( Civil War, Battle of Shiloh)

  5. The final battle against the wicked will be fought by the Lion from the tribe of Judah. Rev. 5:5; Psa. 2, Rev. 6:12-17

  6. The only Way out from the wrath of God – Turn To: Isaiah 55:1-3, 6-7

  1. Joseph and Benjamin

  1. Jacob’s most beloved sons

  2. Bough” Heb. “bane” a word for male children” ( Ephraim and Manasseh)

  3. Joseph remains faithful under all his assaults.

  4. Joseph knew what Jesus disciples came to know that they can do nothing without Him. John 15:5

  5. Joseph trusted in El Shaddai, the noun “shad” means “female breast” stressing the fact that our spiritual nourishment comes from the “Almighty One”


So much of Genesis is taken up with Jacob, very little about Isaac and a substantial amount about Abraham in the earlier chapters of Genesis. But Jacob exceeds them all in the content and blessing. Jacob loves much because he has been forgiven much. Luke 7:47

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