Genesis 45:1-28



A movie in the late 70’s was entitled, Deliverance staring Bert Reynolds. The plot was four adult men who wanted to get away from the routine of their secular jobs. So they planned a trip in the mountains of Tennessee where they would be camping out but the problem came when a couple of Hillbillies caught up with them and sought to humiliate them and threaten to kill them. Renolds had been hunting while all this was going on and as they were held at gun point Reynolds came to defend them by shooting and arrow right in the heart of the Hillbilly. They all panicked except for Reynolds, they had to move fast bury the dead man in a shallow grave and head back home in a canoe where the rapids were so fierce that one of them drowned and Bert Reynolds severely broke his leg. They were eventually questioned by the town Sheriff and were not detained for lack evidence. They felt the sigh of relieve.

Deliverance is the sigh of relief and release. The Scriptures uses this word, “deliverance” often in reference to our salvation. Gal. 1:4; Heb. 2:14,15.

  1. Joseph Revealing His Identity

  1. A Type of Christ

  1. Joseph knew his brothers before they knew him – Gen. 42:7,42:8; I Pet. 2:11; Isa. 1:3; John 1:10,11; Psa. 139:13

  2. Joseph loved his brothers when they did not love him – v.2-3; Luke 13:3,4

  3. Joseph’s brothers were stunned with amazement – “I am Joseph,” Acts 9:3-5

  4. Joseph was buffeting his brothers in order to draw them unto himself – II Cor. 12:9

  5. Joseph saved them before they were aware of their salvation – v. 3; John 5:22; Turn To: Hebrews 12:25-29

  1. Joseph’s Invitation to Grace

  1. Emotion expressed

  1. Joseph’s command – “Come closer” – v.4; John 10:27-28

  2. Joseph’s relates everything that happened has been ordained by God v.5-9

  3. Various examples expressing Joseph’s deep awareness of God (Gen. 39:9; 40:8; 41:25; 41:25; 51; 50:20,24-25 )

  1. The problem of evil

  1. Joseph was not saying that God is the author of evil.

  2. Book entitled “When bad things happen to good people” by Rabbi Harold Kushua

  3. Donald Grey Barnhouse: “To see God in all things both good and evil enables us to forgive easily those who injure us.”

  4. Jonathan Edwards – comment on Decrees (Islam’s Caliphate)

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