Genesis 43:1-34

Changed Lives


Last Lord’s Day we learned that God can use catastrophic events as a weapon to conform men to His will. God has the whole of creation at His disposal. He may use floods, snow storms, earthquakes and even famines. Famines have been prevalent throughout the history of mankind. We see in Joseph’s day, in Ruth’s day, in the days of Elijah. Jesus tells us a story of the Prodigal son when there was a great famine. Jesus also tells us of the preliminary signs before His return and one of them is famine.

Today famines still occur in India, Africa and other counties of the world; but in all of these catastrophic events God is in absolute control producing results that ultimately lead to the saving grace of God. For the Christian “nothing can separate us from the love of God (famine, distress, persecution, peril or sword) which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” Rom. 8:35

  1. Controlled Providence

  1. God’s Persistence

  1. Jacob’s sons were dislodged from their comfort life in Canaan.

  2. God subjected them to pain of harsh treatment – Read 42:9,14,16

  3. God subjected them to prison, a place of solitude where they would look introspectively and admit their guilt and wickedness.

  4. God’s providence brought them to further perplexity when they found their money in the sacks of grain – 42:28

  1. Experiencing God’s controlling providence

  1. When God imposed upon Jacob’s family submission to the will of an Egyptian ruler. 42:38

  2. God imposes circumstances upon Jacob and sons – v.6

  1. Converted Lives

  1. Real change

  1. We see in Judah real change – v.8,9

  2. We see in Jacob real change – v. 11; “God Almighty” Heb. Shaddi – meaning, “All Powerful” Psalm 91:1; Ezek. 1:24; 10:5

  3. We see the apostle Paul’s conversion and commission – Acts 26:18

  1. Common Grace and Saving Grace:

  1. Common grace may lead to saving grace – Rom. 2:14

  2. God’s longsuffering knows we are but “dust” Psalm 103:12-18

  1. Joseph’s brothers Fearful:

  1. Joseph’s calms them down – “Elohim has given you a treasure” – v. 23

  2. Joseph’s kindness of hospitality of washing their feet – v. 24

  3. Joseph’s spoke kindly to them – v. 27-29

  4. Joseph prepared an elegant feast for them – v.31-34

  1. God’s Love Commended

  1. Common grace becomes uncommon grace which extraordinary saving grace – Rom. 5:6-8 Gk. “for” – “in behalf of” or “in the place of”

  2. Love at its fullest- God sending His Son to die in our behalf, proving His love for us.

Pastor Nick Iamaio

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