Genesis 40:1-23

Joseph Forgotten and Remembered


When it comes to our memories there are certain things we completely forget and wish we could recall, but the weakness of the fallen mind puts those things away from our memory bank. There are other times we wish we could forget, certain unfortunate circumstances that brought about embarrassment in our lives. But these matters are nowhere near as serious as when men deliberately hope to delete their memories of hearing the gospel message. The rebel argues and stands his ground in unbelief.

The Jews refused to believe unless they could see an abundance of miracles. (John 4:48), the Gentile-Greeks needed scientific proof; which is the wisdom of man. The gospel was simply foolishness to them. (I Cor. 1:23-25)

The Christian’s faith sometimes grows weak like Thomas who sees and then believes; but when he confesses, he exclaims, “My Lord and My God,” Jesus said, “Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.”

Joseph is a man although forgotten by men; he was not forgotten by God.

  1. Prospered in Prison

  1. He was faithful to God under all circumstances

  1. He never complained or compromised

  2. He was given and extraordinary gift of interpreting dreams. (Matt. 1:20; 2:12,13,19,22; 27:17)

  1. Other saints in prison

  1. Jeremiah – (Jer. 37:13-16)

  2. John the apostle on Patmos – Rev. 1:13-16

  3. Paul the apostle – II Cor. 6:5; II Tim. 2:9; Phile. 13,14

  1. Providences of Imprisonment

  1. The good providences of God slowly worked in favor of Joseph – Prov. 19:21

(Charles Bridges comments)

  1. Joseph demonstrates courage giving the good and bad news. John 3:36; Acts 20:25-27

  2. Joseph’s predictions came true giving God the glory – John 8:28,54; 10:17,18; 12:49 (John 14:10,13; 17:24) False prophets -Turn To: Deuteronomy 13:1-5

  3. Joseph a type of Christ in all his prophetic utterances – Matthew 24,

  4. Joseph desired to be remembered – v.14,23

  1. Lessons:

  1. Stop trusting in man – Isa. 2:22; Psalm 146:3; John 17:7 (Jer. 17;5; Psa. 115:11; 118:8)

  2. The Lord will not forget us – Matt. 10:32; John 6:39

  3. Since the Lord will not forget us, let us not forget Him – “Do this in remembrance of Me”

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