Genesis 35:1-29

True Revival


Dr. James Boice calls this era of Jacob’s life his “sunset years, “which were great years of blessing. We know prior to Genesis 35, Jacob’s life had been filled with troubles almost all of his own making. But Jacob finally returns to Bethel, the house of God where he has experience a fuller measure of God’s presence. Jacob lived 30 or 40 more years however we do know how old he was when he left Shechem, he was 120 years old at the end of Genesis 35. Jacob died at the age of 147, so those last decades were the best years of his life in fellowship with the Lord.

  1. Revival Comes to Israel, (Jacob)

  1. Sovereign effectual call regarding our salvation – v.1, Eph. 1:4,5

  1. So in the matter of revival is comes about through God’s Sovereign will.

  2. Throughout this chapter God (Elohim) is used eleven times.

  3. Jacob is instructed to build an altar for worship of the Creator –v.1

  4. Where revival begins, in the house of God – Gen. 28:20-22, making vows:

Psalm 76:11; 116:14; Eccl. 5:4,5

  1. Worship must be regular and not occasional – v.1 Jacob “live there”, Acts 20:7; John 20:1,19; I Cor. 16:2)

  1. The negative side of Worship:

  1. We should remember that it is sinful to forsake worship – Heb. 10:25

  2. What is false worship? Answer: False worship is worshipping false gods. V.2; Exodus 20:4-5

  3. Idols (teraphim’s) must be destroyed – Gen. 31:19; (Judges 17:5,6; 18:14-24; II Thess. 2:3-5; Rev. 13:11-18)

  1. God’s approval

  1. God omnipotent house (El- Bethel)

  2. Altars are shadows forecasting the future of the coming perfect sacrifice of Christ Heb. 10:1; 10:10

  3. God’s blessing reaffirmed – v. 9-12; Gen. 28:13-15; Rev. 5:9; Rom. 11:25

  1. Sacred memorial pillar – v.14

  1. A libation was poured out. (a drink offering)

  1. The Death of Rachel

  1. A difficult labor

  1. Benjamin is born, “son of my right hand”

  2. Rachel buried in Bethlehem v.19

  1. Reuben dishonor’s Jacob – v.22

  1. Reuben’s curse is pronounced – Gen. 49:3,4

Finally: Jacob and Esau’s reunion at the death of their father Isaac. “Isaac was gathered with his people” (Gen. 47:30)

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