Genesis 34:1-31



The English dictionary defines “Shame” as “painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable.” The Old Testament Proverbs has much to say about “shame” and amplifies how it affects our lives. Prov. 13: 18 “Poverty and shame will come to him who neglects discipline," but he who regards reproof will be honored.” ( Prov. 29;15; 25:8) During the reign of King David there was much trouble in his household. Great shame and disgrace came upon his household and kingdom when Absalom his son killed Ammon his brother for raping his sister Tamar. They all, “wept bitterly’ II Samuel 13:7-35

  1. The Rape of Jacob’s Daughter – v. 1-12

  1. Dinah’s Fall

  1. Jacob’s big mistake of settling in a pagan land of Succoth and later in Shemchem.

  2. Parents should chaperone their children – v.1

  3. Dinah should have been a keeper of the house – Titus 2:4,5

  1. Dinah taken by force – v.2; Heb. 13:4; Matt. 22:2,4,9; 25:10; John 2:2

  1. The penalty for rape – Turn to: Deut. 22:22-29; Exo. 22:17

  2. Shechem’s father, Hamor v.11,12

  1. The Atrocity of Jacob’s Sons

  1. General observation – Rom. 3:9-20; Rom. 5:1, 6-11

  1. Jacob’s Sons

  1. Too much left into the hands of Jacob’s sons to negotiate and govern the family.

  2. Answered with deceit – v.13; John 8:44; Col. 2:8; II Thess. 2:10

  3. Bargain on the basis of their religion – v. 14’ Rom. 4:11

  4. Took Vengeance in their own hands – Rom. 12:17-21

  5. Islam, The Protestant Reformation


Shame was brought upon the household of Jacob. Now they must run for their lives. Jacob’s mild rebuke turns into a stern curse – See Gen. 49:5-7

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