Genesis 33:1-20

Fearing Man


The book “Honest Evangelism” written by Rico Tice, in his first chapter, indicates how we who are engaged in evangelism will get hit and attacked for what we believe about the gospel. Jesus tells us that He sends us forth as sheep in the midst of wolves.” Some modern day evangelistic techniques seem to teach that you can void this reaction by being charming and funny. But as pastor Tice puts it, “such a claim is not being honest”. I want to be honest if you tell Christians about Jesus it will be painful.

Some Christians will balk at such a painful reception, but we should not be expected to be treated any differently. Do Not Retaliate: as Jesus puts it, Matt. 10:16 “Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

  1. Sad Inconsistences

  1. Jacob displays his distrust in God and yields to the fear of man – Prov. 29:25

  1. Abraham took refuge in Eygpt.

  2. Elijah began fleeing from Jezebel

  3. David flees from King Saul

  4. Jacob prostrates himself before Esau

  1. Unless faith remains active we will cease to remain in its power – Luke 9:28-45

  2. Jacob again scheming

  1. Instead of trusting God to manage Esau, Jacob resorts to his old devising. V.3

  2. Instead of recognizing the power, goodness and faithfulness of God, Jacob seeks the goodness of Esau. Pro. 21:1

  3. Instead of trusting in the Lord to reconcile his brother, Jacob was depending on his gifts. Gen. 27:41,42

  4. Instead of paying tribute to the God of Abraham and Isaac, Jacob pays tribute to his brother Esau. V. 8,13,14,15; calls himself “servant” v.5,14 cf. Gen. 25:23

  1. Principles in the realm of redemption:

  1. The Lord will receive nothing from our hands until we first receive from His hands. Gen. 4:3,5; I John 3:12; Jud. 1:11; Heb. 11:4; 12:16,17 (Mal. 1:3; Rom. 9:13)

  2. The Lord sees the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord – Prov. 15:8

(Abomination is the Heb. “a disgusting thing,” “repugnant”

  1. Jacob’s Secret Fears – v.12-20

  1. Jacob sometimes and Israel the other.

  2. Still his fears exist:

  1. Jacob insists that Esau receive this huge gift

  2. Jacob lies to Esau – v.12,14

  1. Making the wrong decision:

  1. Jacob was not told by God to go to either of these cities (Succoth and Shechem)

Rom. 15:23-29

  1. Jacob suffers the unfortunate circumstances for his disobedience and stay in Shechem where a pagan rapes his only daughter, Dinah. 34:1-2

  2. Jacob so often tried to be both Jacob and Israel – Gal. 5;16,17

  3. Jacob demonstrates that God Sovereignly has hold of him because he builds and altar – Heb. 10:24,25

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