Genesis 31:1-55

Jacob’s Departure


Sometimes in the Christian’s life there are departures of moving from one place to another. It may in God’s providence be a departure because of a job, ministry or health reasons. These can be sad times when leaving family members and longtime friends or it might be a joyous time when assured that this is the will of God. In Acts 20:17-38, Paul called the elders of Ephesus together to give them a warning regarding wolves that would seek to devour the sheep. He would depart from them soon to carry on further ministries preaching the gospel. They began to weep and embraced Paul and kissed him for they would miss him very much. (Acts 20:28)

  1. Laban’s Evil Scheming

  1. Laban blessed on account of Jacob – 30:27,28

  1. We have been blessed on account of Christ alone – Eph. 4:32; I John 2:12

  2. The Lord blessed the Egyptian household on account of Joseph – 39:5

  3. David poured out his blessing on the household of Saul on account of Jonathan – II Sam. 9:1-3

  1. Jacob is protected by Divine Providence – v.7

  1. The Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson, the gears of the clock

  2. Watson gives an antidote to fear.

  1. Jacob’s Boldness

  1. Jacob acts wisely and obediently – v.3, 19, 20

  1. The reason for defeat in so many Christian lives – James Boice

  2. It’s time to go! Leah and Rachel concur

  3. Submissiveness is not an option – I Peter 3:1-7

  1. Beware of idols! V.30

  1. Why did you steal my gods? Says Laban.

  2. Why did Rachel steal the idols?

  3. What good are idols? (Heb. Idol is “teraphim” which is a corrupt image of cherubim.) I Sam. 19:13; Zech. 10:2

  1. Application:

  1. Giving heed to seducing spirits – I Tim. 4:1-3

  2. Rico Tice, Honest Evangelism the Christians idols… refusing to go through the painline.

  1. The Mizpah blessing – (cutting a covenant) with a heap of stones.


  1. Three particular orders of worship: Covenant established, Confirmed by sacrifice, and Commemorated by a feast.

  2. The Christian’s relationship before the Lord:

  1. Covenant between God the Father and God the Lord Jesus Christ – John 17

  2. Confirmed by sacrifice – Gal. 4:4

  3. Commemorated by feast of the Lord’s Supper – I Cor. 5:8

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