Genesis 30:1-43

Sin Complicates Things


The English dictionary defines “complicate” as something or someone that is complex, intricate or difficult.” There are many synonyms for the word “complicate” such as clog, confound, disorder, embroil, impede, jumble, intricate, perplex, and many more, at least 20 more synonyms including “screw up.”

This is what sin has done, beginning with the fall of man and now as we read in Genesis how sin affects everything and everyone. Paul’s Romans 3:23, says we have all missed the target of perfection of God’s glory. The details of Romans 3: 9-18 stress that our speech deceives people, poison is associated with one’s speech where cursing and bitterness erupts. Some are involved with murder as Cain killed Abel; wars are started because of hatred and greed. Paul says the way of peace they have not known and more than that men are arrogant having no fear of God.

  1. Twelve Sons

  1. The meaning and occasion of the twelve sons which gives us the history of the Hebrew people:

  1. Reuben – 29:32,33 represents affliction.

  2. Simeon – represents unloved. Exo. 3:7

  3. Levi – 29:34 represents attached or joined. Jer. 31:31-33 (new birth)

  4. Judah – represents song of victory – Exo. 15:1-13; Psa. 106:1,2,11,12

  5. Dan – represents a Judge – Exo. 17

  6. Naphtali – represents wrestling’s – Exo. 17:11

  7. Gad – represent Israel’s good providence

  8. Asher – represents Israel’s good providence

  9. Issachar – God’s gifts and blessed wages

  10. Zebulun – God’s gifts and blessed wages

  11. Joseph – Yahweh has added – v.22-24

  12. Benjamin – Gen. 35:18 Son of my right hand

  1. Plurality of wives

  1. God’s ordained marriage is monogamous – I Cor. 7:1-4; 39; Rom. 7:2-3; I Tim. 3:2

  2. The Mandrake controversy – v.14-15

  1. The rivalry and jealousy is inevitable in a polygamist household.

  2. What’s a mandrake? “a fruit that supposedly produces fertility” - Gen. 30:1

  3. “You are stealing my husband,” says Leah

  4. Children are from the power of the Lord – v. 22; Ecel. 11:5

  1. The trouble with superstition

  1. It is based on irrationality

  2. Religions based on superstition (Boettner, Roman Catholicism)

  1. Jacob and Laban Controversy

  1. Jacob learned that even with unpleasant earthly relationship he was working for God. V.30; Eph. 6:7-8

  2. Jacob was not trying to become wealthy.

  3. Jacob worked hard for his employer – v. 26,27

  4. Jacob trusted God for his prosperity

  5. Jacob peeled the rods so that the flocks would mate; this was symbolic of producing many sheep and goats. (The serpent in the wilderness, Jesus alludes to in John 3:14, 15 where are redemption is completed).

Pastor Nick Iamaio

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