Genesis 27:1-46

God’s Sovereignty Prevails


When it comes to the subject of God’s Sovereignty we mean that God reigns supremely despite of man’s wicked scheming. Nothing can overthrow the Sovereign One. He has set His eternal infinite decree within His eternal plan. The apostle Paul illustrates God’s Sovereignty by speaking of the Potter and the Clay. (Romans 9:20-21) A W Pink says, “Ah! The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small, and we might add surely”

  1. Contention In the Household

  1. Old Age

  1. Has it’s blessings and heartaches

  2. Deception and lies

  1. Patriarchal blessing:

  1. Isaac desired to keep the blessing secret – Gen. 25:28

  2. Isaac was driven by the flesh – 27:4

  3. Isaac’s real root problem was his defiance of the revealed will of God – Gen. 25:23; I Pet. 4:17; Heb. 12:4-17; Romans 9:8-13

  1. Rebekah

  1. A lack of trust – v.6-10

  2. A spiritual problem – I Pet. 5:5


  1. If we try to do our will instead of God’s will or God’s will in our way, we will suffer the consequences – (James Boice’s comment”)

  2. It is better to wait on God in the beginning rather than to live in the wilderness of pride – Psalm 37:7,8

  1. Jacob

  1. He goes along with his mother’s scheming and adds to it by lying to his father – v.19,20

  2. He received multiple blessings from his father, one of which was to be master over his brother and that your brother will bow down to you. Note. Gen. 33:3; (Gen. 32:18; 33:8-15)

  1. The Need For a Spiritual Awakening

  1. The lights come on in Isaac’s soul! V. 32

  2. God’s will was for Jacob and not Esau to receive His blessings

  3. Esau:

  1. God does not call for us to sympathize with Esau but to learn from him – Hebrews 12:15-17

  2. Bad choices we make in life cannot be undone and the consequences of sin are

unavoidable – Jam. 5:16; I John 1:9

  1. As we present the gospel to our neighbors, friends and associates and they reject the gospel, thinking that they will have a later opportunity are fooling themselves. Psalm 110:3

Finally: It does not depend on Isaac’s will or Esau’s or anyone else’s. It depends upon the Sovereignty of God’s prevailing will – Rom. 9:16; Prov. 19:21

Pastor Nick Iamaio, Reformed Presbyterian Church, 207 South First Street, Fulton, NY 13069, (315-343-1976) Web site: 7/19/2015