Genesis 26:1-35

Living Water


In the book of Genesis we read of the history of the great patriarchs of our faith. We read of the life of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph; these are the primary figures in Genesis in order for us to teach us how the God of the Covenant deals with His people. However Genesis is more than a historical account of the life of these patriarchs. It is primarily a spiritual book written by the Holy Spirit for the sake of God’s people throughout the ages. What is clear throughout is that the God of the Covenant will certainly save His people from their sins. They all in faith anticipate the coming of the Messiah who would bless their body and soul with life-eternal through the living water! John 7;37-39

  1. Isaac’s first sin

  1. General observations:

  1. Isaac does not seem to be an illustrious personality…

  2. Isaac lived to a ripe old age 180 – Gen. 35:28, the longest of the four patriarchs.

  3. Isaac’s story is about all fathers what they do inevitably affects their children – Eph. 6:4

  1. Isaac followed his father’s footsteps – II Pet.3:9 (Donald Grey Barnhouse)

  1. Beware of Egypt …

  2. God reiterates His Covenant – Gen. 12:2; 15:18; 17; 21:4; 26:3-5

  1. Isaac’s Second Sin

  1. Falling into sin after great blessing

  2. The life of the apostle Peter:

  1. First he gives a precise confession of faith at the peak of his ministry – Matt. 16:15-17

  2. Soon after this brilliant confession which was a great blessing to Peter, he rebukes the Lord Jesus when Jesus announces His crucifixion – Matt. 16:21-23

  1. Isaac’s self- preservation – v.7-8; Matt. 5:16

  1. Abimelech rebukes Isaac – v. 9-11

  2. The consequence of our sin affects others

  1. The Way Home

  1. Isaac’s Prosperity

  1. God blessed him so much that the Philistines envied him. Turn To:

Proverbs 3:7-26

  1. Isaac’s Adversity

  1. Isaac was not a warlike man and so moved on to dig other wells

v. 20 Esek – Heb. “contention”

v. 21 Sitnah – Heb. “hostility”

v. 22 Rehoboth – Heb. “broad places” (A W Pink comment)


  1. The Lord is ultimately leading us to the promised land - Beersheba – means “well of sevenfold”

Water is necessary for natural life of the human body…v. 32 “We have found water” or “We have found the Messiah” John 4:13-15

  1. Abimelech the Philistine King knew Isaac was in the place of blessing therefore he desires to make a peace treaty with him – v.28,29 this teaches us we cannot win our unsaved friends and relatives by living like them.

  2. in spite of Isaac’s sin and failures God nowhere in the Bible rehearses them. Micah 7:19, (Hebrews 10:17; 11:16)

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