Genesis 23:1-20

How Important is Our Burial?


When we think of the Christian’s burial plot we will find that it has great significance. It’s more than a piece of property and grace stone with an epitaph. The great patriarchs knew that the grave was not the end. Philosophers with a pagan theology would say, “When you’re dead your dead.” But Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knew better; for them the land on which were buried spoke of an eternal land that was promised to them by way of God’s covenant. God promised them an eternal land on a new earth where no death would be found. This was the central message of Jesus to give all those that trust in Him alone for salvation would be given eternal life to settle on a land where there shall be none to harm us; no more war. “Each of them will sit under his own vine and under his fig tree.” (Micah 4:1-7) Jesus guaranteed this Promised Land to us by His death and life, he who believes in Me shall live, even if he dies. And everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die.”

  1. Sarah a Women of Faith

  1. Her faith is recorded:

  1. Her quality of faith – Hebrew 11:11-13

  2. Her wise counsel – Gal. 4:22-31

  3. Her obedience and submissiveness – I Pet. 3:3-6

  1. Emulate Sarah not Mary

  1. The false claims of Mary by the Roman Catholic church:

  2. We are never told to look to Mary.

  3. We are told to look to Sarah – Turn To: Isaiah 51:1,2

  1. Abraham’s Mourning

  1. Mourning is not a weakness or lack of faith

  1. Jesus wept – John 11:35

  2. Jacob wept for Joseph – Gen. 27:35

  3. Joseph wept for Jacob – Gen. 50:1-8

  1. Death the last great enemy – Rom. 5;12; I Cor. 15:26

  1. Better is the house of mourning… Ecc. 7:2,4

  2. Those who mourn will be comforted – Matt. 5:4

  1. Abraham’s Wisdom

  1. Abraham wanted to pay a fair price for the burial plot (Machpelah)

  2. Abraham wanted the transaction to be witnessed to avoid future disputes over the land. – v.16-18

  1. Application:


  1. Why is it so important for Abraham to purchase a burial plot?

Ans. Because it indicated Abraham’s confidence in the promises of God. Turn to: Genesis 13:14, 15 Turn To: Hebrews 11:8-10; 13-26

  1. David speaks of inheriting the land – Psalm 37:9-11

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