Genesis 22:1-24

God’s Provision


Without God’s sustaining His creation the whole universe would collapse. Psalm 147:8 “God covers the heavens with clouds, Who provides rain for the earth, Who makes grass to grow on the mountains.” The whole vegetation world would turn to dust without God’s provision of the sun and rain. (Matt. 5:45)

Certainly God sustains us in His good providences providing employment for us so we can care for our households. (I Tim. 5:8). The greatest of all provisions is our redemption we have in our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 3:14, 15)

  1. God Tested Abraham – v.1-7

  1. Testing is not temptation – Jam. 1:13, 1:3,4

  1. We see in type the relationship between God the Father and God the Son – Rom. 8:32

  2. We see Abraham setting apart his son Isaac – Exodus 12:3; Acts 2:33; Rev. 13:8

  1. Human Element: Jer. 32:35; II Kings 23:10

  1. Abraham rose early in the morning – v.3

  2. Abraham obeys God despite the enormous pressure to take Isaac’s life.

  1. Worship God – Heb. Shaw-Khaw “to sloop down or fall down to the ground”

  1. A glimmer of hope that they shall both return – Heb. 11:17-19

  2. Abraham’s faith unwavering.

  1. Isaac’s disposition

  1. Isaac carries the wood for the burnt offering

  2. Isaac foreshadows Jesus bearing the cross – Isaiah 5:7; 53:4-5

  3. Isaac sees the fire and wood but no lamb – Heb. 12:29

  1. God Provided For Himself a Sacrifice – 8-18

  1. Isaac’s important question: Where is the lamb?

  1. The prophets have been asking that question long ago including John the Baptizer. John 1:36

  2. God provides a Lamb for himself – v.8; Rom. 3:26

  1. The Doctrine of Substitution: v.13-14

  1. The substitute takes the place of another

  2. The Ram instead of Isaac

  3. The Son of Man instead of us! – Gal. 4:28

  1. The Name of the Place

  1. City names have meaning

  2. The place is called – “Yahweh – Jireh”


Four major crises in the life of Abraham:

  1. He was to separate from his native land and family – Gen. 12:1

  2. He was called to give up Lot his nephew – Gen. 13:1-8

  3. He was to abandon his cherished plan for Ishmael Gen. 21:10-21

  4. He was called to offer up Isaac his only unique son, only legitimate son – John 3:16, only begotten Son Gk. monogenes “only unique son”

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