Genesis 18:1-33

Abraham’s Intercessory Prayer


When we examine the relationship that Abraham has with the All-Powerful and Self Existent God, we see God took the initiative from the beginning to call him out of a pagan land. Abraham became a close friend to God; this friendship did not come because there was a series of ups and downs troubles and trials which in the end matured his faith. Abraham knew the world and its philosophy was no place for him. He could not be a friend of the world and the friend of God at the same time. James 2:33; 4:4

  1. Angelic Visitation – v.1-15

  1. Three men appear – Heb. 13:2

  1. Lord is the Heb. “Adonay”

  2. Abraham’s hospitality – Matt. 25:35; I Kings 4:8-11; Rom. 12:13

  1. Sarah listening in:

  1. Her ridicule – Gen. 17:16,17

  2. Her son Isaac – means “laughter”

  1. Nothing is too difficult for the Lord – v.14

  1. Yahweh = ego emi Greek John 14:6; 15:15

  2. All things are possible within the glorious nature of God

  1. Abraham Pleads For Sodom – v. 16-33

  1. Abraham is God’s friend – v.17; Isa. 41:8

  1. Christians too are God’s friend – John 15:15

  2. Grace and Law are cemented together – v.19

  1. Sodom and Gomorrah’s sin - Psalm 5:5,6

  1. Abraham’s Conversational tone with the Lord v.23

  2. Abraham appeals to the Judge of the universe who always does what is right. v.25

  3. Abraham’s plea is not spoken with self-righteousness but with an awareness of his own unworthiness – v.27

  4. Abraham’s plea is persistent and bold which is acceptable to the Lord – Turn To: Luke 11:1-10

  5. Abraham’s plea is persuasive – John 15:16,17 (John 14:13; 16:23,24,26)

  6. Finally there is an abrupt ending after the Lord agrees to spare the city from destruction if 10 righteous could be found – v.33 cf. 19:26

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