Genesis 15:1-21

Unilateral Covenant


The term “unilateral” involves one side only; it is an undertaking on behalf of one side or party. There is no mutual agreement. The agreement, promise or oath takes place because of the graciousness of the other side. (New this week Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said our peace agreement must be negotiated but not imposed….). When God makes a covenant with us it is based upon the truth. It is impossible for God to lie or fail on His promise. Titus 1:2

  1. Abram’s Childless

  1. Background – “after these things”

  1. God is our shield – Rom. 8:17,18

  2. Satan’s offer to Jesus – Matt. 4:9-10

  1. Childless – v.2 how could the promise of God be fulfilled if Abram remains childless?

  1. The name of God – (Adnai-Yahweh) Self-sufficient, Everlasting God who keeps His covenant

  2. Isaac or Christ? V.4 cf. Gal.3;16 Turn to: Romans 4:1-3 and Gal. 3:6-9

  1. Many Descendants

  1. Compared to the dust of the earth and the stars of heaven – Gen. 13:16; 15:5

  2. Humanly speaking – the promise is as good as dead – Heb. 11:10,12; Rom. 4:20-25; Eph. 1:5

  1. God’s Covenant Illustrated

  1. The meaning of the word Covenant – “to cut”

  1. Unilateral covenant eternal and irrevocable

  2. Unilateral covenant expressed – v.9-10

  3. God alone would walk between the animal pieces.

  1. Abram’s dream:

  1. He saw a smoking oven symbolic of great suffering – John 17:4; Luke 22:44; John 16:33; Acts 16:33; I Peter 1:7

  2. The torch – v.17symbolic of God’s presence – I John 1:5; II Cor. 3:7; Acts 9:3-9

  3. Eternal Covenant – Gen. 17:7; Accomplished fact – Isaiah 53


  1. What did Abraham do to deserve all this blessing? Ans. Nothing

  2. What did the nation of Israel do to deserve such privileges? Deut. 7:7-8

  3. Why did God love them so much? Rom. 11:5.6

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