Genesis 13:1-18

Making Choices


When it comes to the Christians making choices in service to Christ we often face two roads of choice. Should we do this or that? We ask what is the will of God in this matter? It’s not always easy to determine. We must be like Abraham who prepared ahead of time to act in faith; Abraham’s nephew, Lot made one bad choice after another and he ultimately suffered the consequences. He walked by sight, his faith was dormant. (II Cor. 5:7)

We together make choices based on faith. Faith is rooted in the Word of God, not on the wisdom of this world. (Col.1:9)

  1. Lot’s Departure From Abram

  1. Two things Abraham obtained:

  1. Great earthly possessions – 13:1-2

  2. Sarah his wife took a maid from Egypt, Hagar – Gen. 21:9-12

  1. Observations: the Holy Spirit brings together two of men widely different character

(Abel- Cain, Moses – Aaron, Samuel – Saul, David – Solomon, Abraham – Lot, Heb. 11:10; 13:12; Rom.4:13

  1. Abram’s wisdom:

  1. He avoided friction between the herdsmen Jam. 3:14-17

  2. Abram gave Lot first choice – v.9-10

  3. Lot departure proved his lust – I John2:16

  4. Lot’s ultimately was sitting in the gate of Sodom – 19:1,2; II Pet. 2:27,9

  1. Abram a type of Christ

  1. Accomplishing God’s purpose – Isa. 51:1,2

  1. Exceedingly Gracious - Phil. 2:6-8

  1. Lot’s failures:

  1. His choice of residence – Matt. 6:33,34

  2. His yielding to the spirit of worldliness – Gal. 6:8

  3. His miserable end – Turn To: Luke 17:28-37

  4. We are told in Gen. 19:1 that Lot sat in the gate of the city.

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