Genesis 11:27-12:1-6

God’s Gracious Action


When we study the life of Abraham and if we were to write his biography we might ask some questions in the introduction of the book: What would Abram have been without God? Well, he would have been most likely an idol worshiper like his father and his relatives. Without the Biblical account of Abraham he would have been a no-body. It was the Lord from the very beginning that took the initiative to appear to him and to speak to him. I suppose if someone were to write our biography we would have ended in up in the discarded section of books. But that’s not the end of the story because Abraham’s God is our God too, and the promise of blessing given to him has been passed on to the believer in Jesus Christ. God is the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. The Call of Abraham

  1. Three beginnings:

  1. The beginning of the human race with Adam.

  2. The new beginning on the post-diluvian earth with Noah.

  3. The beginning of a chosen nation and people in Abraham.

  1. God appeared and communicated to Abraham – Acts 7:2-8

  1. Where? In Mesopotamia in the city of Ur of the Chaldeans.

  2. When? It occurred shortly after the termination of Babel’s tower

  3. Why? Because sinful man kept adding to their offenses against God (idolatry – self worship) Josh. 24:2; Rom. 11:1-6

  1. Abraham’s Faith:

  1. Leaving an idolatrous land

  2. Leaving his relatives however, he failed to leave his father and nephew - 11:31; Heb. 11:8; Isa. 51:2-6

  1. A Closer look at God’s Commands:

  1. Abraham never did own a foot of land – Acts 7:5; Gen. 23:19-20

  2. Abraham does receive the promise land on the new earth – Hebrews 11:8-10; 13-16

  1. The “I Wills” of God’s Promises

  1. Contrast of what man says versus what God says – 11:3 cf. 12:1; 11:4 cf. 12:2

  2. Satan’s imitated five I wills – Isaiah 14:12-15

  3. God’s wills are reality:

  1. The land of Canaan – v.1 (Grey Barnhouse

  2. A great nation – v.2; Deut. 7:7

  3. A blessing upon Abraham – v.2; Gen. 13:2

  4. A great name – v. 2b.; Gal. 3:14

  5. A blessing upon those who bless you and cursing upon those who curse you – v.3; Exo. 14:28; 15:4-5, 19 (The history books tell us so)


  1. Remember Paul’s words – “ not all of Israel are descendants of Israel – Ro. 9:6; 11:5,6

  2. God is gracious to the Gentiles too on the basis of our covenant relationship with Abraham on the basis of faith – Gal. 3:29; Acts 4:12

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