Genesis 9:18-29

Noah’s Fall and Prophecy


We might suppose that having lived through God’s wrath and a new beginning of God’s Covenant promises that the human race would no longer fall away from the path of righteousness. But we learn very soon that man in his sinful nature still expresses the wickedness within his heart. Jer. 17:9

A W Pink’s comment, “It is human to err, but it also human to conceal the blemishes of those we admire.” This is a great proof of inspiration where the human author inspired by the Spirit brings out even the sins and blemishes of our hero’s”

  1. Noah’s Fall in Sin

  1. Comparisons with Adam and Noah

  1. Both were told to be fruitful and multiply – Gen. 1:28; 9;1

  2. Both were gardeners – Gen. 2:15; 9:20

  3. Both were exposed their nakedness – Gen. 1:28; 9:1

  4. Both had three sons, one from which would come the Messiah. (Seth and Shem) Luke 3:36,38

  1. Noah’s Fall

  1. The Bible reveals the most prominent people in their true colors – Rom. 3:10-18

  2. Noah’s misuse of wine is a sin against God’s Law and His mercies – Eph. 5:18

  3. Noah’s sin teaches Christians to be watchful and pray – Mark 14:38; I Cor. 10:12

  4. The consequences of Noah’s fall appears to be grievous to his descendants, in particular Ham and his descendants – I Cor. 9:27

  1. Noah’s Prophecy

  1. Scope: Effects the nations of the world

  2. Meaning: contains a malediction and a benediction – Habakkuk 2:15; Prov. 14:9

  1. Why is it that Ham is not directly cursed for his sinful act?

  2. What exactly is the curse? – v.25 “servant of servants” Gen. 10:6-10; Psa. 78:51; Josh. 9:27; I Kings 9:20,21

  1. Benediction:

  1. It extends to Japheth and Shem

  2. Japheth – Europeans and Americans

  3. Shem – Jews v.26; Rom. 3:1,2; John 4:22

  1. Salvation is not automatic for the Jews – Rom. 9:6-8

  1. Salvation is for the children of promise

  2. Salvation is not exclusive for Jew but for all races and status’s - Gal. 3:28; Col. 3:11

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