Genesis 6:1-22

The World of Noah’s Day


The world of Noah’s day is not much different than the world of our day. What you often see in the Old Testament accounts are pictures and examples of New Testament realities. Dr. John Owen the English puritan puts it this way, “Old Testament examples are New Testament instructions.” The apostle Paul referencing the Old Testament Pentateuch and in particular the life and times of Moses says, “Now these things happened to them as an example and they were written for our instruction upon whom the ends of the ages have come.” David Murray’s book, “Jesus on Every Page” seeks to find Christ in the Old Testament. Murray says, “Look for Jesus when studying Jesus’ people.” In our case from Genesis 6 we see Noah as a type of Christ.

  1. God’s Light Given to the Antediluvians

  1. Summary of chapters 1-6

  1. God as Creator – Gen. 1 Days of Creation

  2. God as Preserver – Gen. 4:15

  3. God as Destroyer – Gen. 6:17; (Deut. 32:39-43)

Turn To: II Peter 3:5-7

  1. Has the Lord God forgotten to be gracious? Has His anger withdrawn His compassion? Psalm 77:8,9; Answer: v.18

  1. God’s purpose of love is according to the election of His grace – Rom. 9:11

  2. We see God’s purpose of grace stands in Noah – Heb, 11:7 cf. Gen. 6;8

  3. Noah has a working faith – Heb. 11:6 cf. Jam. 2:14-20 cf. v.9, 22

  1. The Antediluvians were without excuse:

  1. They had both the light of nature and the light of conscience – Rom. 1:19,20

  2. The promise of a Redeemer – Gen. 3:15

  3. The institution of expiatory sacrifices, beginning with Adam and Eve coats of skins unto Abel’s offerings – Gen. 3:21; 4:4; 8:20

  4. The institution of the Sabbath worship as early as Cain and Abel’s sacrifices – Gen. 4:3

  5. The longevity of the patriarchs must be borne in mind from Adam on down there was plenty of time to talk about the consequence of the fall and rebellion toward God – Gen. 5;29; 3:17-19)

  6. The preaching of Enoch for over 300 years through whom God warned the world of approaching doom – (Jude 1:14,15)

  7. The supernatural translation of Enoch which must have made a profound impression.

  8. The preaching of Noah and the building of the massive Ark by which he and his household condemned the world – II Pet. 2:5; I Pet. 3:28 (cf. 5:32 – 7:6)

  1. Who are the Nephilim?

  1. A W Pink’s view (Matt. 22:30)

  2. The sons of God and the daughters of men - Psa. 73:15 cf. Numbers 13:31-33

  1. God’s Patience Comes to An End

  1. The Cause of the Flood

  1. The race becomes contaminated – Matt. 5:13

  2. Jesus’ Olivet discourse teaching – Matt. 24:37-40

  1. Noah’s Day and our Day

  1. Some mock, some tolerate any religion or anything

  2. It is too late! – Matt. 24:42; II Pet. 3:7


  1. The return of the Son of Man will be just as unexpected and just as decisive as the coming of the flood!

  2. If you are not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation from the wrath to come. I urge you now to come to Him for your deliverance of your sin and final judgment.

Pastor Nick Iamaio

Reformed Presbyterian Church, 207 South First Street, Fulton, NY 13069

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