Genesis 4:1-16

True and False Worship


From the beginning of time God has directed man to worship Him in the proper way. But man in his fallen state has thought of what he sees to be a better way to worship God. Even when God disapproves of their form of worship man is in really worshipping a strange god. It is blatant idolatry.

Psalm 81:9; True worship on the other hand is to come to His dwelling, the house of God where the community of believers comes together. (Psa. 132:7; 99:9)

  1. God Is To Be Worshiped

  1. Comparing Genesis 3, with Genesis 4; I John 3:10-12; I John 2:15-17

  1. Sin against God directly

  2. Sin against fellow- man

  1. The Central Subject: Heb. 11:4

  1. The Place of Worship – v.3,4 Turn To: John 4;20-24

  2. The kind of Offering – cf. 3-4

  1. The Nature of the Offering

  1. Comparing Cain’s sacrifice with Abel’s – Heb. 9:22

  2. Cain’s offering consisted in the fruit of his own hands (fig leaves)

  3. Abel’s sacrifice was respected and acceptable to God – Eph. 5:2

  1. Examining our worship

  1. It must not be like Cain’s who had a form of godliness but without God’s approval – II Tim. 3:5

  2. It must be acceptable to God where our mind and body are engaged in the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Rom.12:1-2

  1. False Worship

  1. Brings about more severe consequences – (Cain’s jealousy turned to rage)

  2. Sin was crouching at the door – v.6; I Peter 5:8 (J. G. Vos)

  1. The Blood of Abel – v.8-10

  1. The shamefulness of sin

  1. Question of conviction – “Where is your brother?”

  2. Blood first mentioned explicitly – v.10; Heb. 11:4; 12:24; I Pet. 1:18,19

  3. A vagrant and wanderer – (fugitive) Psalm 109:6-10

  1. Eternal Punishment

  1. Hell-fire “punishment too great to bear”

  2. Weeping and gnashing of teeth …


  1. God’s common grace: God is saying hands off Cain! Gen. 9:6

  2. The worst curse of all – is to flee from the presence of the Lord – v.16 (Isa. 57:20,21)

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