Genesis 3:21-24

Expulsion From Paradise


There are many Renaissance painters who handle the theme of Adam and Eve’s fall in sin and expulsion from the Garden of Eden: An angel stands in the background holding a flaming sword in his hand as he drives out Adam and Eve from Paradise where no sin and troubles are welcomed. The foreground is a sad picture of Adam looking back at the place he once enjoyed as his fellowship with God. Eve is clinging to Adam with her head bent down on Adam’s shoulder.

It’s a picture of shame which is the result of sin and disobedience, however there also is in the painting a sense of hope as they wear the garments that God has prepared for them. We are to see ultimately a Savior will soon appear from their seed whereby they will be clothed with His righteousness, wearing the robes of Christ.

  1. Man’s Fig Leaves – 21

  1. Rejected by God

  1. Man’s attempt to redeem himself – v.7; Isa. 64:6; Titus 3:5; Rom. 10:3

  2. Man believes that law breakers can be rehabilitated

  3. Only God can properly clothe a man – Gal. 3:27

  1. Physical nakedness a symbol of shame – Turn To: Romans 6:6-11.17.20

  1. Garments of skins – (A W Pink comment) Heb, 9:22

  2. The wages of sin – Gen. 3:17; Rom. 6:23

  3. Does Justice override Mercy? Rom. 5:1

  1. Salvation entirely of Grace – (The Prodigal Son) Luke 15:24

  1. The Tree of Life

  1. Knowing good and evil is not an advantage:

  1. Man knows good and evil from the standpoint of a sinner.

  2. The tree of life would have been a curse rather than a blessing because to live in a state of sin throughout eternity would have been a horrible punishment.

  3. To expel man from the Garden of Eden was not only an act of punishment but also an act of kindness.

  4. Eating of the tree of life is granted to us in Christ – Rev. 2:7

  1. Man’s Expulsion

  1. Demonstrates the Sovereignty of God as well as the love of God.

  2. Although we shall die physically if the Lord tarries we shall not die spiritually and eternally. John 11:25,26

Finally a mark of a true confession of Faith: Two things must coexist: Romans 10:9, 10

  1. Believe in your heart – inward faith

  2. Confess Christ – outward faith (talkative in Pilgrim’s Progress)

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