Genesis 3:8-13

Adam, Eve and the Serpent


We have said that the Garden of Eden was where God placed Adam and Eve to enjoy a marvelous existence without sin and its consequences. Adam and Eve enjoyed the heavenly existence by fellowshipping with God all the days they were in the Garden of Eden.

We do not know when Satan fell in rebellion against God. We do know Satan entered the Garden and disguised himself as a serpent. We do not know how long Adam and Eve were in the Garden before they disobeyed God. When Satan disguised himself as a serpent, it is doubtless that Eve had seen many serpents before in the garden but this serpent was entirely different, it could speak and think. This was Eve’s first contact with evil and perhaps the beginning of man’s fall from a state of innocence into a state of sin and rebellion against God.

  1. Hiding From God – v.8- 9

  1. The voice of God – Joshua 5:13-15

  1. Is it possible to hide from God?

  2. It is utterly foolish to hide from the Creator – Isa. 55:7; Rom. 1:18

  1. God’s question – v.9 “Where are you?”

  1. Man has broken fellowship with God

  2. God has not chosen to leave Adam in his lost state; rather to pursue him.

  3. Adam got exactly what the devil offered, evil – 3:5

  1. Two important words: “called,” and “said”

  1. A summoning to judgment

  2. Holding Adam and Eve responsible

  1. The Consequence of Sin – v.10-13

  1. Sin makes a man a coward and an evader - v.10 cf. (II Samuel 12, David’s murder and adultery.)

  2. Sin does not fulfill its promises as the devil suggested – “you will be like God” II Cor. 6:14

  3. God’s Patience v.11

  4. Blame shifting – v.12

  1. Instead of owning up to his sin Adam seeks to lessen his sin by blaming his wife.

  2. God turns to Eve for an explanation and confession – v.13; II Cor. 11:3; Eph. 6:10-17

  1. Serpent –v.14

  1. God does not ask the Serpent any questions

  2. Sin does at times bring about its own immediate consequences – John 5:24

  3. Hell is not on earth – Matt. 18:9; 23:33

Finally: And invitation to unbelievers: John 14:6; Rom. 16:31

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