Genesis 3:1-7

Are You Deceived?


Satan is the great deceiver. He does all he can to deceive the minds of men. So often it is not so blatant; his tactics are subtle using a little error mixed with a little truth. We see the reality of this in many of the pagan religions and cults of the world today. Satan disguises himself as Christ sometimes although he is against Christ but in doing so he likes to put himself in the place of Christ. II John 1:7 “For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and antichrist.”

  1. The Serpent’s Deception

  1. The crafty snake

  1. Herod a crafty fox – Luke 13:31,32

  2. Satan’s disguises himself – II Cor.11:13,14; Rev.12:9,14,15; 20:2

  1. The Serpent speaks

  1. Something is drastically out of order

  2. Why is it that Satan attack Eve and not Adam? (I Tim. 2:13,14; II Cor. 11:3; I Pet. 3:7)

  3. The way the devil speaks: with the wrong tone and with lies – John 8:44

  1. Eve’s reply:

  1. She generalizes by using the plural instead of the singular (You is plural, God spoke directly to Adam)

  2. She adds to what God did not say – v.3 cf. Matthew 4:1-11; Jam. 4:7; Eph. 4:27

  3. She is placed in a position of choosing between God and the devil – v.4; Titus 1:2,3

  1. The Fall of Man

  1. Adam and Eve experience unlike ours

  1. Adam and Eve sinned when they were in a state of innocence

  2. We yield temptation and sin because we are already sinners. We are born into a state of sin – Psalm 51:5

  1. A Theological question:

How could sin be lodged in a soul that was created good? How could the change of nature have taken place? Answer is we do not know except we know it did take place. When? Perhaps the instant Eve began to converse with the devil

  1. Satan’s tactics

  1. To smear God’s name. Satan never fights fair

  2. To say that God is jealous and He doesn’t want you to be like him.

  1. The great cover up – v.6-7

  1. Sin implies guilt

  2. Sin implies shame – “fig leaves”

Pastor Nick Iamaio

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