Genesis 2:22-25

The First Wedding


Christian weddings are always a joy to attend; but the problem exists when more time is given to planning the weddings ceremony and reception than the actual marriage itself.

We should not underestimate wedding ceremonies because in the Scriptures along with Jewish tradition wedding feast went on for days. We think of the feast of Cana where Jesus was there to bless the guest with the best wine by His miraculous power to demonstrate that He truly was the Son of God and to manifest His glory.

In Genesis we see God initiating the very first wedding joining together Adam and Eve who were both naked and without shame becoming one flesh. (Gen. 2:24-25)

  1. The Ordinance of Marriage

  1. Three primary ordinances:

  1. Sabbath rest – Heb. 4:1-11

  2. Labor – 2:15,19

  3. Marriage – Matt. 19:12

  1. Confession of Faith and Testimony – I Cor. 7:7-8; Mal. 2:14; Prov. 2:17

  1. Marriage is a long life covenant – Hosea 2:19

  2. Marriage and divorce – Matt. 5:31; 19; Turn To: Matthew 19:1-9

  1. The Attack on Marriage

  1. Rampant Hedonism

  1. God’s blessing to mankind – I Cor. 10:31

  2. Man’s perversion of marriage – (Sodom and Gomorrah) Gen. 19:1-26

  1. Widespread Acceptance of Adultery – Prov. 6:32

  2. The Ease of Divorce – I Corinthians 7:10-16

  3. Legalization of Abortion on demand. (Subtle destruction of marriage)

  1. The Main Factor to a Healthy Marriage

  1. What is wrong with marriages today? And how can marriages become healthy?

  2. Negative – What’s most wrong?

  1. Ans. The love of self. (Selfishness).

The solution to selfishness – is to deny self - Luke 9:23; Gal. 5:13-24

  1. Positive – To Serve One Another

  1. General rule – Submit to one another – Eph. 5:21

  2. Husbands are the head in leadership

  3. Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the church

  4. Husbands and wives are to leave their parents and cleave to each other

  5. Wives must respect their husbands (Eh. 5:21-33)

  1. The Greatest example of service is Jesus – Matt. 20:28

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