Genesis 2:16-25

A Corresponding Helper


In Luther’s commentary on Genesis makes enjoyable and interesting reading. Luther is a man who speaks of the atrocities of his time regarding marriage. He often pokes fun of the papacy who forces celibacy on people to become priests, monks and nuns. He concludes that those who have no gift of celibacy are wrapped up in a tyranny that belongs to a doctrine of devils. (I Tim. 4:1) Luther puts it, “Moses adds, God brought her to Adam… Adam does not snatch Eve of his own will after she has been created, but he waits for God to bring her to him. So Christ also says (Matt. 19:6) “What God has joined let no man part. “For the lawful joining of a man and a woman is a divine ordinance and institution.”

  1. Naming the Animals – v.16-19

  1. Adam’s superior intelligence

  1. Gave names to them corresponding to their nature.

  2. The animals knew instinctively that Adam was the caretaker

  1. Animals:

  1. Could not speak or reason like Adam – 3:1

  2. None correspond to Adam’s nature v.20; 1:26,27

  3. None of them had a living soul – 2:7 (Henry Morris)

  1. Creation of the Woman – v.19-25

  1. The Woman is a distinct creation from Adam

  1. Adam is created from the dust or ground.

  2. The woman is created from one of Adam’s ribs

  3. Man and woman are different but more alike than anything else in creation.

  1. Not good that man be alone: v.18

  1. The woman is made for man

  2. The woman is made from man – I Cor. 11:8,9; I Tim. 2:13

  3. The woman is given to the man by God – v.22

  4. The woman is named by the man – v.23

  1. Adam has a personable relationship to the woman – Hebrew text (Man “ish” Woman “ishsah”) (Eve meaning “life” (chavvah)

  2. Spiritual Equality:

  1. They both were created in the image of God

  2. They both are placed under the moral command of God and thus given moral responsibility v.16,17

  3. They both are guilty of disobeying the command of God and therefore were judged by God for their disobedience. Turn To: I Timothy 2:9-15; I Cor. 14:34-35; Gal. 3:28;

I Cor. 11:3

  1. Oneness – v. 24

Finally: Christians must marry Christians only – II Chron.8:11; II Cor. 6:14

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