Genesis 1:14-31

Creation Days and Evolution


The apostle Paul when writing his inspired letter to the Colossians indicated in particular that the second person of the Trinity is specifically involved in the work of creation. (Colossians 1:15-16) Nothing in the glorious work of creation is left out. Jesus represents the invisible omnipresent God, who is the Father. Jesus is the exact image portrait of God the Father. Jesus created all things in heaven on earth. What is visible to our eyes and what we cannot see.

  1. Days Four, Five and Six

  1. God created and made. V.16

  1. The solar system

  2. The earth the main focal point

  1. Geocentric:

  1. The earth is the center of the universe in relation to light.

  2. The earth is geocentric from the standpoint that everything is viewed from the earth.

  1. Fifth and Sixth Days – v.20-21

  1. God creates and land animals

  2. The creation of man:

  1. God creates man distinct from all other creatures that preceded him.

  2. God creates man in His likeness and image – 2:7

  3. God created and made man as the crown of creation – v.26,28

  1. What About Evolution?

  1. Genesis and Evolutionary thinking:

  1. Genesis states things and creatures were created “after its kind”

  2. Genesis gives us a clear distinction of the creation of Eve.

  1. Atheistic Evolution: (questions to ask)

  1. What caused non-man to become man?

  2. Where did the unique abilities of man come from?

  3. What caused the difference between male and female?

  4. Why does not evolution occur today?

  5. Why can we not evolve into something better?

  6. How did the whole process of evolution start?

  1. Romans 1: 16-25 gives us the answer to their utter foolishness:

  1. Suppressing the truth in unrighteousness

  2. God has made Himself known to all mankind

  3. Mankind is without excuse

  4. Man’s speculations have darkened their heart

  1. There still is hope through the light of the glorious gospel. II Cor. 4:4-6

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