Revelation 21:1-27

Paradise Restored


Genesis 2 tells us that the Lord God ( Yahweh, Elohimym) put Adam in Eden which was beautiful garden that the Lord planted. Every tree was pleasing to Adam’s sight and every fruit tree was good for food (Gen. 2:8-9) it was a perfect existence without sin, sorrow and trouble. Everything went according to plan. It became even better when God fashioned woman to be with Adam; for the animals could not be a suitable helper for Adam, but Eve met that need among other things.

Gen. 3 tells us that Adam and Eve in disobedience while they were in the garden of paradise. It would no longer be theirs. They both were expelled and an angel with a flaming sword kept them away from the tree of life.

  1. Making Everything New – v.1-8

  1. Paradise restored

  1. John saw a New Heaven and earth – Mark 13:31; II Pet. 3:13

  2. The Prophet Isaiah and the Psalmist both anticipated a day of restoration – Isa. 65:17; Psalm 102:25-29

  3. New meaning Gk. kainos “radically transformed” II Pet. 3:10-12; Eph.1:9,10

  1. New Jerusalem – v. 2

  1. The city is the bride and the bride is the city – Psa. 48:1-2,12-13; Jer. 31:33

  2. God’s statement – v,5 cf. Gen. 1:31

  3. Paradise regained – Isa. 25:8 (John Milton)

  1. God’s fellowship with His people – v. 3-4

  1. God’s statement – v.5

  2. It’s don – v.6; Isa. 55:1

  1. Vision of the New Jerusalem – v.9-27

  1. The wife of the Lamb – cf. 2

  2. The glory of God is on display:

  1. Jesus adorns his bride – Jasper – v.11

  2. Ensured protection and security – v.12 (Wall city, burgh’s)

  3. Twelve gates – Abraham’s children by faith – Gal. 3:24-29

  4. Twelve foundations – John 6:39-40; 10:28; Isa. 60:18

  1. The city is a perfect cube – v.16

  1. Equal measurements to the O.T. Holy of Holies – I Kings 6:20

  2. Twelve precious stones – v.16-21

  1. The life of the church in the new heaven and new earth:

  1. Life of worship – v.22-23; Isa. 60:19

  2. Life of Activity – v. 24-26; Isa. 60:11

  3. Life of purity – v.27; Rom. 7:24-25


  1. Paradise shall be restored as Adam and Eve enjoyed it in the presence of God. In a certain sense Paradise shall be greater because we are the redeemed and will enjoy with a greater appreciation since we were former sinners as Jesus stated those who sin much respond to grace by loving much. Luke 7:47

  2. Remember John is merely giving us glimpse of Paradise. Former President Regan said, “We haven’t seen anything yet,” or as Queen of Sheba said Solomon’s wisdom and wealth. “not even half was told me” I Kings 10:7

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