Revelation 16:1-21



The last battle of World War II fought in the European theatre was the battle of Berlin. Allied Soviet forces began planning for an offensive against Berlin, though supported by American and British aircraft, the red army with heavy losses eventually surrounded the city in April 26, 1945, the battle casualties were extremely heavy where the red army lost 82,000 men and over 280,000 men wounded and missing in action. The German forces were estimated as high as 450,000 killed and 479,000 captured. Civilian losses were as high as 125,000. This is just one battle but the war as a whole tallied both civilian and arm forces were over 20 million deaths.

The last great battle upon the earth will take place when the Lord Jesus returns. He will destroy all evil forces against Him and His church. Psalm 2, is a capsule view of the very last battle, sometimes called, “Armageddon”. The nations shall be in an uproar, they will assemble their forces against God’s anointed but God the Father will laugh at their puny arsenal and Jesus shall break them to pieces like potters vessels. They must do homage and worship the Son of God or perish in His dreadful anger and wrath.

  1. The First Four Judgment Bowls – v.1-9

  1. First Bowl – v.2

  1. These plagues generally correspond to the plagues in Egypt - Exod. 9:10-11

  2. Christians at this time shall escape such plagues – (Passover)

  1. Second Bowl – v.3

  1. The sea turns to blood – Exod. 7:19

  2. Progressive parallelism (Seals, Trumpets and Bowls)

  1. Third Bowl – v.4-7

  1. Drinking water becomes polluted

  2. A short interlude: “Righteous Art Thou, Who Art and Who wast…” Isa. 49:26; II Thess. 1:6-10; Turn To: Rev.6:10

  1. Fifth Bowl – v.8-9

  1. The sun becomes a curse – Psa. 84:11; Isa. 49:10

  2. God commands men everywhere to repent – Acts 17:30; Rom. 1:21, 24-32

  1. The Last Three Judgment Bowls – v. 10-21

  1. Fifth Bowl – v.10-11

  1. The whole antichristian government will experience the gnawing pain of God’s wrath.

  2. The very throne of the beast, namely Satan empire faces the wrath of God along with the false prophet – V.13

  1. Sixth Bowl – v. 12-16

  1. Armageddon last battle ground – Deborah and Barak – Judges 4-5

  2. John’s interlude – v.15; I Thess. 4:13-18

  3. Jesus’ coming will be sudden and unexpected – I Thess. 5:2; II Pet. 3:10; Rev. 3:18

  1. Seventh Bowl – v. 17-21

  1. It is done or it is finished, a parallel of our Lord Jesus words on the cross – John 19:30

  2. The very essence of the gospel – Substitutionary payment for the sins of God’s people.


  1. There is no place to hide.

  2. These severe judgments will not draw men to the gospel. It will have the opposite effect; a harding of the heart and blaspheming the name of God.

  3. The great comfort to the church is that God is still on throne. Jesus is King; He will have the last word because He is in Sovereign control. Vengeance belongs to Him alone.

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