Revelation 13:1-18

Satan’s Right Hand Man


Chapter 12 & 13 must take them together as a unit. Chapter 12 reveals Satan’s attack upon the male child, Christ who is birthed by the church. But Satan sees the futility of attacking Jesus who has conquered sin, death and hell for the believer and now sits at the right hand of the Father. Satan is no longer in reach of Him so now attacks the woman that is, the church who accuses the brethren before our God day and night – Rev. 12:10

Chapter 13, Satan relentlessly attacks the church and the world by using his henchman his right hand man, the Antichrist, the beast. We must keep in mind that John’s symbolic vision continues without a break. John is on the isle of Patmos while he sees two monster type beasts.

  1. The Beast Out of The Sea v.1-10

  1. Description of the beast v.1

  1. Conglomerate – v.2

  2. Corresponding with Daniel’s prophecy in Chapter 7,

  1. False worship – v.4-6

  1. Fatal wound – v.3

  2. Blasphemies against God and His Church – v. 5,6

  3. Important verb “was given” v.7; Dan. 7:21

  1. The non-elect worship the beast – v.8

  1. No condemnation or charges against the elect – Rom. 8:35-39; Turn To: John 10:27-30; Matt. 10:28

  1. The Beast Out of the Earth – v.11-18

  1. Looks like a Lamb but speaks as a dragon – II Cor. 11:13-15

  1. The view of Jonathan Edwards and Martin Luther

  2. The major characteristic of the devil – John 8:44; Rev. 19:20

  3. Miracle man – v.13; I John 2:18

  1. False Doctrine of various cults and false religions

  2. The Mark of the Antichrist – v.16-17

  1. The right hand indicates the person’s deed, action and industry

  2. The forehead symbolizing the mind, the whole thought process.


  1. The number of the beast 666 indicates imperfection, incompleteness, persistent failure.

  2. The number of three six’s represent the kingdom of darkness in trinity form: Satan, the Beast and the False Prophet – Rev. 20:10

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