Revelation 9:-1-21

Trumpets of Judgment

Part II


The Revelation of Jesus Christ given to the apostle John is extraordinary to say the least. It is John’s vision described for us in the language and environment of his day. Such things as locusts, scorpions, snakes and horses are figures that are not pleasant when they are associated with war, suffering and torment. We must guard our hermeneutics so as not to overstretch the literal and down play the symbolic. We must not forget the major theme of the book lest we get stuck in the details. It is a spiritual battle between Christ with His church against the wicked powers of Satan and his demons. The battle is won by Christ and His church despite all the opposition to the gospel of grace and the redemptive work of Christ. We are says the apostle Paul because of the Kingship of Christ, “super-conquers through Him who loved us.” (Rom. 8:37)

  1. The Fifth Trumpet – v. 1-12

  1. A star falling from heaven unlocks the abyss – Luke 10:18

  1. Terrible smoke belched out which darkened the sun and shy – Eph. 6:12

  2. Out of the smoke comes a great army of locusts – v.7

  1. The King of locusts – Satan himself –v.11; Exo.10:4-5; Joel 1:4; 2:-11

  1. “The reserve troops of hell” (Hoeksema), II Pet. 2;4; Jude 6

  2. The final judgment – Matt. 25:41; cf. 20:10

  1. The Sixth Trumpet – v.13-17

  1. Mankind plunged into war – v.17

  1. Observations:

  1. God’s Sovereignty keeps global human destruction in check – (8:7-13; 9;1-12)

  2. Now one third of the world’s population is slain – v.6

  3. God uses war and catastrophes to bring men to repentance – Luke 13:1-5; Heb. 9:27

  4. Yet men refuse to repent – v.21


  1. We see the terrible power of evil. The worship of idols is equivalent to worshiping demons – Psalm 115:5-7; 135:15-17; Deut. 32:16-17; I Cor. 10:20,21; I Tim. 4:1

  1. The terrible power of atheism – Jam.2:19; 3:15

  1. The hope of God’s longsuffering – Jonah 4:2; Luke 17:26,27

  1. The glorious assurance for Christians – I Cor. 15:52

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