Revelation 8:1-13

Trumpets of Judgment

Part 1


The Scripture clearly reveals that the wicked will not be able to escape the judgment of God. In the following chapters of Revelation 8-11 we will see God’s judgments revealed by the sound of Seven trumpets. The first four trumpets affect the natural world, followed by fifth and sixth trumpets which harm and kill the inhabitants of the earth. The seventh trumpet ushers in the consummation of God’s wrath.

You will note the judgments of the trumpets increase in intensity as they progress.

Since the fall of man creation has within it the principle of hostility. The Garden became for Adam a graveyard ( Gen. 3:17-19) Thorns spoil man’s expectation of fruitfulness in labor. Paul stresses the work of creation is set in bondage and decay. Creation is groaning waiting for its rebirth. (Rom. 8:21-22)

  1. Silence Before the Throne of God – v.1-5

  1. God’s absolute Holiness – Habakkuk 2:20

  1. Prayers of the saints

  2. Loss for words

  1. Series of Seven Trumpets

  1. Another camera angle, (Derek Thomas, cyclical nature of the book)

  2. Seven seals and trumpets span the whole history of man, especially from the first to the second coming of Christ

  3. The difference between the seals and trumpets is perspective

  1. Trumpets in the Bible:

  1. Joshua and Jericho – Josh. 6,

  2. Gideon against the Midianites – Jud. 7,

  3. Babylonians against Israel – Jer. 4, (festivals – Num. 10’1-2; New Year – Num. 29:1-6, Year of Jubilee – Lev. 25:8-9)

  4. The Second Coming of Christ – (I Thess. 4:16, Matt. 24:31; Isa. 27:13)

  1. Prayers of the saints – v.3-4

  1. Saints are not superhuman. ( Rom. 1:7; Phil. 1:1; I Cor. 1:2)

  2. Saints prayers ascend to God as the smoke of incense rises

  3. Saints have a guarantee that their prayers will be answered when offered according

to God’s will.

  1. Angelic Trumpet Blast – v. 6-13

  1. First Trumpet v.6-7 – one third of vegetation destroyed, Exo. 9:24; Joel 2:30

  2. Second Trumpet v. 8-9 –The sea suffers from various calamities Isa. 44:15; Ezek. 35:2-7

  3. Third Trumpet v. 10-11 – Focuses towards heavenly stars, “wormwood” means “ bitter sorrow,” Satan’s name – Jer. 9:15; 23:15; Satan’s original fall – Turn To: Isaiah 14:12-15

(Job 1, Rev. 20:10)


  1. The first four trumpets are judgments upon the unbeliever which indicates that something has gone radically wrong with the creation order – (Rom. 12:19; Prov. 20:22; 24:29)

  2. The abnormal functioning in the heavenly bodies, the sun, moon and stars indicates periods of darkness which is a spiritual darkness – v.12 Isaiah 55:6

  3. When will people take the Lord God seriously? V.13 The eagle says a triple “woe”! Matt. 24:28

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