Revelation 7:1-17

Heaven’s Eternal Happiness


Many Theologians have said that America’s greatest theologian is Jonathan Edwards. When people hear the name they associate him with the awfulness of hell, since his famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” found its way into American literature.

The truth is Jonathan Edwards taught more about happiness of heaven than he taught about hell. He would say that any happiness we experience here on the earth would only be for a short while since there will always be someone around who would spoil it. “Providence seems watchfully to take care that they should have no exceeding joy and satisfaction in this world… God reserves happiness to be bestowed hereafter, that is, the appointed time for it and that is the reason he does not give it now.” Edwards in so many words would say, God who is filled with happiness delights to give it to His creatures. (See The works of Jonathan Edwards vol. 2 Banner of Truth)

  1. Answering the Question – v. 1-8

  1. Who is able to stand against the wrath of the Lamb? (Joel 2:32)

Answer: Only those who call upon the Name of the Lord will be delivered.

  1. An interlude between the sixth and seventh seal – 8:1

  2. God’s bond servants – the 144,000, the twelve tribes – Gal. 6:16

  3. The church is sealed – v.3,4 cf. II Tim. 2:19

  1. God’s Elect

  1. They will escape destruction - v.3

  2. They are the spiritual descendants of Abraham – Gal. 3:8-9; 28,29; 6:15-16

  3. They are a fixed number – Turn to: Rev. 14:1

  4. They are beyond the possibility of any man to count them – v.9; Gen. 22:17; Matt. 28:19

  5. They are clearly identified – v.14

  6. They are shielded by the blood of the Lamb – v.14

  7. They are dressed in the righteousness of the Christ – 14, cf. 22:14

  1. What will Heaven be Like? V. 9-17

  1. It will be a life of unwearied service – v. 15a

  2. Unbounded Security – v. 15b

  1. “Tribulation applies to every age of the Christian church v.14; John 16:33; I Pet. 4:1-7; Col. 1:24

  1. Perfect Satisfaction v.16

“We shall have everything we desire and desire everything we have” Richard Brooks,

I Cor. 15:52

Conclusion – v.17

  1. We see a dual status of our Savior both Lamb and Shepherd.

  2. We are led beside the refreshing springs of water of life - John 4:10,11; and blessed by the perpetually indwelling of the Spirit – John 7:37-39

  3. We are given complete happiness, no more sorrows or tears. Rev. 21:4 (Jonathan Edwards, Heb. 4:4-11)

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