Revelation 5:1-14

A Sealed Up Book


There was a time in the middle ages that the Bible was chained to Roman Catholic pulpits. Some have claimed that the Roman priests sought to discourage people from reading the Bible. In all fairness Bible copies before the printing press were written by pen and ink. But before the printing press was invented a copy would be compared to the cost of a house. Although parishioners could take the initiative to go to church and read the Bible that was chained to the pulpit; the irony is you may read the Bible but you are not encouraged to read the Bible because you are not allowed to interpret it. Only the priests could interpret it and surely the majority of the priests would not encourage the people to read it. It was, in a certain sense, a “sealed book,” The Scriptures were written to be an Open Book so that the reader could learn about salvation and encouraged by its precepts.

We see an unusual setting where the apostle John is distraught because the sealed book of Judgment cannot be opened by anyone except the Lord Jesus Christ. Ultimately the seven seals of judgment upon the earth are opened and we can read them before our eyes in chapters 6-8

  1. A Book Sealed – 1-8

  1. Generally speaks of the history of God’s dealings with His creation

  1. God’s purpose established – Isaiah 46:9,10

  2. With God there is no unforeseen contingences – Turn To: Acts 17:23-28

  3. Why is this particular book that God holds in His right hand sealed up seven times? Ans. Because this particular book is entirely secret. Deut. 29:29

  1. An Elder in heaven:

  1. Brings John good news, he knows who has authority to open the sealed book.

  2. Jesus’ humanity – Gen. 49:9-10

  3. Jesus’ divinity – Rev. 1:8; 21:6; 22:13

  1. The Sacrificial Lamb

  1. Substitutionary atonement – v.9

  2. The glorified Christ opens and takes the book from His Father

  3. Stop weeping Christians! – Rom. 8:37

  4. The promise from the Lamb remains true – Matt. 16:18

  1. A Book Opened – 9-14

  1. The inhabitants of heaven fell down to worship the Lamb of God

  2. Three Songs are Sung:

  1. Sung by Angels and Elders – v.8-10; Eph. 1:4; I Pet. 1:20

  2. The Song of thousands upon thousands of Angels 0 v.11-12; Dan. 7:10

  3. The Son of all Creation singing together – v.13

  1. In what character is the Lord Jesus Christ to be worshipped?

  1. Jesus as Mediator – Matt. 11:27; I Tim. 2:5; I Pet. 3:18

  2. Jesus as Redeemer – v.9 cf. 7:9

  3. Jesus as bestower of kingship – v.10

  4. Jesus as God – 4:11; 5:12; John 5:23

  1. The Grand Finale – “Amen”

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