Revelation 3:7-13

Praise for a Fine Church


The church of Philadelphia was unlike the previous church’s that is, filled with commendation and praise. The church is the kind of church we should desire to emulate. Like Smyrna it receives no blame, but it far excels the other churches with the quality of excellence. Some churches have the sense of mediocrity, (the middle of the road) but very few churches possess the strength in faith and works with the mark of excellence although they may be few in number.

George Eldon Ladd (commentary) states it this way: “The church in Philadelphia was one so abounding in good works that she was pleasing to the Lord. Although the church had but little power and was small and with very limited influence, its character was such that the letter has only commendation from the Lord, not censure.”

Dr. Ed Robson puts it this way: “The church at Philadelphia has been faithful to Christ, and He will be faithful to the church of Philadelphia… Those who are faithful are those who are victorious.”

  1. An Open Door – v.7-9

  1. Title given to Christ – “Holy and True” v.7; Mark. 1:24; John 6:69

  1. Jesus always tells the truth – John 14:6 cf. Rev. 6:10

  2. The key of David – Isa. 22:22; Rev. 5:5 (22:16; Matt. 28:18)

  1. Jesus Commends Philadelphia – v.8; Rom. 1:16

  1. The enemies of the church – v.9, will bow before her – Isa. 49:23

  1. Kept Through the Hour of Trial – v. 10-11

  1. Anti-Christian teaching

  1. Before and after the Reformation

  2. The great persecution of the Scottish Covenanters in the seventeenth century.

  3. The underground church in Hungary, Romania, China and North Africa.

  4. Liberals in the news media

  1. Kept from or through the hour of trial – 2:10; John 17, 16:33

  2. The suddenness of Christ’s return – v.11

  1. Holding fast or keeping a grip

  2. Forfeiting the crowns – I Sam. 31:1-13

  3. The recurring refrain – (2:16,25; 22:7,12,20)

  1. Absolute Security – v.12-13

  1. Our eternal dwelling place

  1. The temple – represents our fellowship with God.

  2. The pillar – represents our steadfastness – Gal. 2:9; I Tim. 3:15

  1. The New Jerusalem – Eze. 48:35; Turn To: Rev. 21:22-27


  1. The saints who have believed the gospel of Christ will not go into an ethereal existence because heaven will be conjoined with earth’s paradise.

  2. The identity of the saints will be clearly known because they will have the name of Jesus and God the Father written on their foreheads – Rev. 14:1; Turn To: Rev. 22:3,4

  3. The non-believer who despises Christ and His kingdom will have no name associated with Christ but shall bear the name of the antichrist on their foreheads – 666

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