Revelation 2:18-29

Toleration versus Faithfulness


The Historian and Theologian Iain Murray wrote two books comparing the Old Evangelicalism with the present evangelicalism which is divided (1950-2000) the divisions in the church are immense, for one the new evangelicalism is interested in being popular rather than being faithful. Murray quotes John Stott who is right when speaking of our Christian witness today, he says, “Either we are unfaithful in order to be popular, or we are willing to be unpopular in our determination to be faithful. I very much doubt if it is possible to be faithful and popular at the same time.” Today the church in general would rather tolerate immorality and false doctrine rather than exercise discipline.

Here in the historic church of Thyatira is the gross sin of tolerating the satanic deception of Jezebel.

  1. Attractive Qualities – v. 18-19

  1. A trade guild town: (Craftsmen of all sorts)

  1. The problem – these guilds were associated with pagan gods.

  2. Christians either had to conform to these pagan festivals or lose their jobs

  1. Attractive Good Deeds – v.19 (Love, faith, service and perseverance) Matt. 22:27-40

  1. Infiltration of Immorality and False Worship – v. 20-23

  1. Jesus’ Rebuke – “ I have this against you” (Toleration of Jezebel – I Kings 16-21)

  2. Major Errors:

  1. Women teaching the Word of God as authoritarians in the church – I Tim. 2:11-15 cf. Titus 2:3-5

  2. Jezebel teaching false doctrine and immorality – v.24

  1. Problem compounded – v.20-23

The church kept silent and offered no rebuke or discipline

  1. Punishments:

  1. Cast upon a bed of suffering – II Cor. 11:29-30

  2. Great tribulation – Rev. 7:14; I Pet. 4:17

  3. Death to children – Exod. 20:4,5

  1. Reward for the Faithful – v. 24-29

  1. Precious promises

  1. To those who prove to persevere in doing the will of God will be involved in Christ rule – v,26,27; Rom. 6:8; 8:17,21; See Rev. 5:10; II Tim. 2:12 Turn To: Psalm 2:1-12

  2. Involved in Christ glory – v.28, are given the “morning star” which is plainly Christ Himself. Rev. 22:16; Dan. 12:3; Matt. 13:43


  1. We must not tolerate Jezebel.

  2. We must be responsible to publish and teach the gospel so that others will hear what the Spirit says. Be on alert looking for those who God is pleased to give ears to hear what the Spirit says v. 29

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