Revelation 1:19-20

The Majesty of Christ


When we think of the word “majesty” we are bringing to mind the lofty state of an individual. We use the word to address Kings of world. We stand before their presence and say “Your Majesty”! Before we offer our request and then after our request is granted we say, “Thank You your Majesty”!

When we come before our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s we bow in humble gratitude acknowledging His supreme greatness, and His complete eternal Sovereignty. Jesus our Lord rules the nations and rules the universe. He is the first and the last as Sovereign Ruler. He alone is to be worshiped and exalted. Rev. 5:13 “To Him, who sits on the Throne and to the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and forever.”

  1. The Lord’s Day – v. 9-11

  1. Patmos a prison island

  1. The Lord’s Day – a holy day v.10 (Clement of Alexander 150-215)

  2. The day of worship

  1. Recipients of John’s vision, seven churches

  1. Apostles unique ministry to pen the New Testament – II Cor. 12:12

  2. No tampering with the Scripture – Deut. 4:2 See Rev. 22:18-19

  1. The Exalted Christ – v.12-16

  1. Seven Golden Candlesticks

  1. The light of the world – Matt. 5:14-15

  2. When the church fails to shine judgment is threated – 2:5

  1. The Son of Man – v. 13 cf. Dan. 7:13

  1. The title refers to Christ’s Sovereign everlasting dominion – Dan. 7:14

  1. Detailed description of the Son of Man:

  1. His Chest clothed with a robe and sash – Exo. 28:4; 29:5

  2. His Head and hair – like wool and snow –Dan. 7:9

  3. His Eyes – like a flame of fire – Rev. 2:18; 19:12

  4. His Feet – like a glowing burnished bronze – Psa. 110:1

  5. His Voice – like the sound of many waters – Rev. 14:2; 19:6; Eze. 43:2

  6. His Right Hand – like His protection – v. 16a; Rev. chap.2 and 3

  7. His Mouth – like a two edged sword v. 16b. Heb.4:12; Isa. 49:2

  8. His Face – like the sun shining in its strength – v.16c; John 2:11; Matt. 17:2

  1. The Fear of God – v. 17-20

  1. John collapses under the strain of Christ’s glory – John 1:14; 17:22

  1. Stop being afraid – v.17

  2. The First and the Last!


  1. Realize the Divine terms Jesus uses to identify Himself – “First and Last” Point out His eternality. His power as Creator, Redeemer, King and Judge.

  2. Realize His Divine Authority – “Alive forevermore and holds the keys to unlock heaven and lock hell.

  3. Realize the importance of the Bible that these things John sees must be written down. The things, “you have seen,” “that are,” and “shall take place.”

Pastor Nick Iamaio

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