Revelation 1:1-8

The Person and Work of Christ


In the course of Theology (The study of God) there is a sub-heading called Christology, which is essentially divided up into two parts, the person and work of Christ. His Person is understood with two natures: Christ’s humanity and His Divinity which co-exist but do not in any way blend together or mix. Jesus was truly God and truly man. (God-Man) His work is understood from an eternal perspective where God the Father and God the Son covenant together a perfect plan of redemption for sinners. The life of Christ is filled with teaching and miracles, but it is through His death, burial and resurrection that sinners are redeemed, purchased and given eternal life.

  1. The Prologue – v.1-3

  1. Begins and Ends with God – Rev.1:1 cf. 22:21

  1. A picture book of images concerning creation, redemption and the final judgment.

  2. The unveiling of something secret and shut – (apokalupsis)

  1. Content

  1. John bears witness to the Word of God, attested to by Jesus Christ – v.2

  2. Written in a book, communicated with words v.3

  1. Book of Blessing

  1. For those who read, study and meditate are promised to be blessed –v.3

  2. For those who obey – “heed the things,”Deut. 5:1; 33:29; John 14:15

  1. Urgency

  1. “For the time is near” Karios – “time in progress” – (Heb. 9:10; I Cor. 7:29; II Cor. 6:2; II Tim.4:3,6; II Pet. 3:8) (not Chronos – time according to our calendar) Heb. 11:32

  1. The Salutation – v. 4-8

  1. Customary opening like other N.T. letters.

  1. The name of the writer – John v.4

  2. The name of the recipients – “the seven churches’ ( Acts 20:5-ff; Col. 1:2; 4:13)

  3. The greeting – “grace to you and peace”

  1. Grace and Peace

  1. Saved by grace and sustained by grace – Eph. 2:8.9

  2. Peace is the result of grace, it comes through the gospel – Eph. 6:15

  1. The Gospel Derives from the entire Godhead:

  1. Seven Spirits – the fullness and variety of the Holy Spirit’s operations – Rev. 2:7,17; Zech. 4:2-10

  2. God the Father – v.4 cf. Rev. 22:13; I Cor. 15;20-28

  3. Jesus Christ – His Person: v.5; I Cor. 15:20-28; Rev. 19:16; Psa. 89;27

His Work: v.5b “released us from our sins” (Gk. louo “loosed from our sins”)


  1. Meditate on the promise of His Return.

Clouds” – Daniel 7:13; Zech. 12:10; I Thess. 4:17; II Pet. 3:10

  1. Meditate upon the fact that Jesus is the very Word of God, living and written. Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. The very Word of God. Rev. 22:13

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