I Corinthians 15:29-44

The Debate on the Resurrection


What is a debate? It is a subject discussed involving opposing views. A debate is an argument discussed in a private room or public arena. It is a deliberation which is a formal and careful consideration before a vote is taken. This goes on in the House and Senate floors of our own nation before there is a vote there is sufficient debate over the proposed bill.

The apostle Paul was an expert debater. He was not afraid to argue his case before the Jewish Sanhedrin or before the Greek philosophers. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians is filled with debate and argumentation. His point of view came from sacred Scriptures.

  1. Arguments From Christian Experience – v.29-34

  1. A strange doctrine of baptism for the dead – 24

  1. A false practice will not mean anything without a resurrection.

  2. The vicarious baptism practiced by some Corinthians, Marcionites and Mormons.

  1. Constant Danger v.30- 32

  1. Great persecution for apostles and generally for Christians

  2. Wild beasts – used figuratively – Turn To: II Cor. 11:23-28

  3. Pagan philosophy – “eat and drink for tomorrow we die” (Isa. 22:13; Luke 12:13-21)

  1. Deception – v.33-34

  1. A well-known proverb is Greece “bad company corrupts good habits”

  2. The imperative to be sensible.

  3. The lack of discernment – (John McArthur)

  1. Arguments For the Resurrected Body – v.35-44

  1. The nature of the Resurrected body

  1. Ridiculed by the Greek philosophers

  2. The miracle of the harvest

  3. Sharp objection – v.36 “You fool” cf. John 12:24

  4. God gives the increase of plant life and souls – I Cor. 3:7

  1. Divine Oversight – v.38

  1. Plants do not rise on its own volition or by chance.

  2. Major differences between our present body and resurrected body


Paul’s summary statement of our natural body will be sown in the ground to be given life on the last day, the resurrection day.

  1. The natural body is only compatible to this life but such a body is ill- adapted to life in the world to come in glory in the new heavens and new earth –II Pet. 3:10-13

  1. The Spiritual body does not mean a ghost or phantom- like appearance but a body that expresses the Spirit in tune with the Spirit and furthermore “the Holy Spirit at this time is thoroughly filling and governing this glorified body”. (Kistemaker) Turn To: Luke 24:36-43

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