I Corinthians 15:20-28

The Consequences of Christ’s Resurrection


Consequences can be good or bad. If a man drives recklessly on the highway the results in most cases will be a severe crash. On the other hand if a man expresses sharp reasoning in a debate on politics he wins the debate.

In the realm of Biblical Theology Paul demonstrates that the severe consequence of Adam’s rebellion against God results in the punishment of death to the human body and for some eternal death.

On the other hand the consequences of Christ’s resurrection triumphs over death and makes us alive unto eternal life. Death is defeated, destroyed, abolished and no more to be remembered. Rev. 21:1-8

  1. Death Destroyed by Christ – 20-23

  1. It is so!

  1. Christ did rise from the dead – v.20

  2. Illustrated by the first fruit harvest – Lev. 23:10-ff.

  3. Charles Hodges comment

  1. Second Adam – v.21

  1. Death originated by the first Adam – Gen. 2:17; Rom. 5:12; 3:23

  2. Paul’s parallel – John 11:25

  3. Solidarity – v.22

  1. Ranked – v.23

  1. Christ the commander in chief

  2. Christians are a great army at the Second Advent – I Cor. 16:17 ; Turn To: I Cor. 15:51-57

  1. The End – v.24

  1. The end unto a new beginning –

  2. The end Christ will possess complete and full authority – II Thess. 1:10

  1. Christ’s Complete Supremacy

  1. Subservient to Christ – I Pet. 3:21-22

  1. Jesus reigns in the present unto the future –

  2. Jesus reigns over all His enemies – II Thess. 1:8,9; Psalm 110:1; Matt. 22:44

(C. H. Spurgeon comment)

  1. Jesus feet on their necks – Josh. 10:24-25

  1. The Last Enemy

  1. Jesus holds the keys of death and the grave – Rev. 1:18

  2. Jesus throws death and the grave into the lake of fire – Rev. 20:4

  3. God shall wipe away every tear – Rev. 21:4


  1. The end is settled – v.27; (Illustration Dr. Ironside and the Gypsy) Eph. 2:7; Heb. 2:8-10

  1. God will be all in all – v.28 (chief end of man –( Zechariah 14:9; Isa. 43:11)

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