I Corinthians 15:12-19

The Reality of the Resurrection


Throughout the book of Acts, which is the history of the Christian church written by Luke; there is conjoined both the death and resurrection of Christ. The apostles included the resurrection of Christ in their gospel message. For Peter’s sermon 50 days after the resurrection (Pentecost) he quotes King David and calls him a prophet. Acts 2:29-30 “because David was a prophet and knew that God had sworn to him with an oath to seat one of His descendants upon His Throne, he looked ahead and spoke of the resurrection of the Christ, that He was neither abandoned to the grave, nor did His flesh suffer decay.”(Psa. 16:9-11)

In Act 4:33 “With great power the apostles were giving witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace upon them all.” (Acts 17:18; 32; 23:6, 8; 24:15, 21; 26:23)

  1. The Denial of the Resurrection –v. 12-15

  1. The Greek view of immortality (soul is immortal but the body will cease to exist)

  1. The Christian view – is central importance to the gospel – Turn To: Romans 6:5-9 (Col. 3:3,4)

  2. General Resurrection - Turn To: John 5:24-29

  1. If Christ be not raised:

  1. Our preaching is vain – (vain – Gk. “empty”)

  2. We are all liars – v.15 cf. John 14:6

  1. The Proclamation of the Resurrection – v. 16-19

  1. Christianity is a system of truth

  1. Repetition – John 8:51; 5:24

  2. If Christ be not raised our faith is worthless or futile – v. 17

  3. If Christ be not raised we are still in our sins – v.17 cf. John 8:24; (Eph. 2:1; Col. 2:13)

  1. Particular Redemption

  1. If Christ died for all of mankind then why do some die in their sins as Jesus states clearly? John 8:21-24

  2. Every person who rejects Christ as Savior and Lord will die in their sins and will suffer eternal punishment in hell. – John 3:18; 3:36

  1. The Christian view of death – v. 18

  1. The Christian’s body at death is only sleeping – I Thess. 4:13; Phil. 1:21,23

  2. The Christian’s soul at death is immediately present with the Lord – II Cor. 5:8

  1. Finally: If Christ has not been raised from the dead all is lost and will all will perish together and we are of all people to be pitied. V.19


  1. Paul has given the worst possible scenario if Christ be no raised. Paul steps back into reality. Christ HAS been raised!

  2. Paul who steps back into reality knows the hopelessness of the unbeliever. Their deadness in their sins has condemned them and they will have to give an account for their rebellion at the judgment seat of Christ – Matthew 25:31-46

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