I Corinthians 14:20-40

Public Worship Service


A father and his little daughter were driving by a sign, that said: “Go and Worship God in a church of your choice” As the father read the sign out loud, the daughter said, “Daddy what does that mean?” the Father replied, “it means go to church and listen to the preacher preach” That is a rather poor definition of what worship means; the word “worship” goes back 400 years where original spelling was “Worth- ship” It means to acknowledge the worth of God in all of His glorious attributes.”

When people gather for worship they adore the God of all creation in glory and splendor. Preaching and instruction are a part of it because the Bible is part of it. Heaven and earth will pass away but God’s word will remain forever. Worship will continue forever in heaven. The angels and elders and the Assembly of God will fall on their faces, “before the throne and worship God saying, Amen, blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen.” (Rev. 7:11, 12)

  1. Order in Worship – v.20-40

  1. Be Mature

  1. Do not be children in your thinking

  2. Thinking is “diaphragm” Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:14

  1. The Law – v.21 cf. Isaiah 28:11-ff.

  1. Judgment came upon Israel – Turn To: Jeremiah 5:14-25

  2. Unintelligible speech becomes a judgment of God

  1. Chaotic Tongues – v.22-25

  1. In what way does tongues help the unbeliever?

  2. The effect of tongues is a judgment

  1. Prophecy sends a divine message; the gospel produces regeneration and conversion.

  1. The dangers of spontaneity – v.26

  2. Rules for Tongues: – v.27-28

  1. There are limits

  2. There must be an interpreter

  3. Keep quiet if no interpreter

  1. Rules for Prophecy – v. 29-31

  1. Two or three at one service

  2. Prophecy must not contradict – Rev. 22:18-19

  3. Prophecy must exhort

  1. Women in worship –v. 33-40

  1. Paul’s pivotal verse – v.33

  1. How women are to learn – v.35 (I Cor. 11:5; Acts 21:9)

  2. Married women should be talking mainly either to or through their husbands - Eph. 5,

  3. What does the Law say? Turn to: I Timothy 2:11-14 ( Luke 10:39; Acts 18:26)

  1. Improper order – v.35


  1. Paul’s instruction here is not his opinion but comes to him by revelation of God by way of command. V.37

  2. Some will obviously disobey the Lord’s commandment, if they fail to recognize this, we should not recognize them.

  3. Preaching and teaching in the language of the people is to be preferred because there is edification.

Pastor Nick Iamaio

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