I Corinthians 11:1-16

Proper Décor in Worship


When we think of worshiping the Lord in His house we come with proper dress. It may not be merely the clothes so much as the way God has designed both man and woman. If we look at it from the perspective of hair, it has a particular interest to God and angels. We know the story of Samson whose hair was not to be cut since it was a symbol of his mighty strength. (Judge 13:3-5) We know Jesus spoke of our very hairs of our heads are numbered which speaks of God’s omniscience. (Matt. 10:30) Luke tells us about a woman who was a wicked sinner who came to Jesus who was reclining at the table in a Pharisees house. The woman broke her vial of perfume to anoint the feet of Jesus and her tears fell on his feet and she wiped His feet with her long hair expressing her love for Him. (Luke 7:36-39) Peter speaks against a woman’s extravagance in the place of worship. (I Peter 3:3) More could be said about hair in the Bible.

  1. The Order of Creation –v.1-3

  1. Veiling of woman

  1. Tradition – II Thess.2:15

  2. Subordination – V.3

  1. God the Father – Christ – man – woman – John 6:38; Luke 22:42

  1. Headship – “source” where it begins ( where the river receives it source)

  2. Genesis account – Gen. 2:21-22; John 1:3

  1. The Order of Worship – v.4-16

  1. No head coverings for the man

  1. Women in worship at Corinth – (Greek Culture)

  2. Jewish culture – women inferior (Islam’s false doctrine) Barclay comment

  1. Man the image and glory of God – v.7 cf. Gen. 1:26-27; Psa. 8:4,5; 16:9; 57:8)

  1. Man before the fall

  2. Man’s origin – v.8 Gen. 2:21

  3. Man’s loneliness – Gen. 2:18, Turn To: I Tim, 2:11-14

  1. Equality v.11,12

  1. Man and woman new creations – II Cor. 5:17

  2. Angels spectators – I Cor. 4:9; Heb. 1:14

  3. Ordinary processes of birth – v.12

  1. Appeal to Nature v.14-15

  1. What is the present day covering of the woman? V.15

  2. The creative order has prepared man and woman to be dignified in worship for the glory of God


  1. Remember that God is holy and when we enter His house for worship we should dress properly and even our hair is important to the Lord – Isa. 6:2-3

  2. If you are not a Christian, then when you come into the house of God you come without a Mediator who is Jesus Christ. You need Him to be redeemed and to have acceptable worship. You cannot pray, praise or glorify God without Jesus.

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